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30.10.2000 – 08:25

NorCom Information Technology AG

ots Ad hoc-Service: NorCom Info. Techn. NorCom entering the 4th quarter with a roughly 180% increase in revenues

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         Munich (ots Ad hoc-Service) -        Stake taken in Norwegian company

    NorCom Information Technology AG's preliminary figures for the first nine months of 2000 provide further testimony of the Company's dynamic rate of expansion. The leading e-security and e-business company reported revenues of over eur 24 million in the first nine months of 2000, up more than 180% over the same period one year earlier. With earnings coming to approximately EUR 150,000 , the Company remained in the black in the first nine months.

    New key technology for e-business

    By agreeing to acquire a 17.9% share in Norwegian start-up CognIT, NorCom is adding innovative and highly intelligent software to its e- business portfolio. Following many years of research in conjunction with leading universities, CognIT has developed a third-generation search engine poised to play a hey role in electronic portals and marketplaces of the future. The new search engine performs linguistic analyses, evaluates the mass of information on portals and marketplaces and produces brief summaries of the content of web pages. The integrated database stores information which has already been screened. In this way, search updates can be performed on the web with a minimum of delay, with complex queries sped up. Users can enter natural-language queries without any need to follow strict syntactical rules. Context-based data entry and integrated automatic evaluation procedures ensure the extremely high quality of the search results as well as high-speed performance. Thus, NorCom has gained access to a key technology which will add a basic product to the high-growth E-Business Solutions division.

    "By investing in CognIT, we are implementing a further element of our e-business strategy. The mounting volumes of information on the Internet call for intelligent search technologies, which we think face a very bright future. We will therefore be integrating this innovative company's agent technology in our e-business solutions as a basis for developing new sector-oriented applications," explained, Viggo Nordbakk, CEO of NorCom Technology AG.

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