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    Significant sales increase in third quarter . Second largest orders on hand in September. Increase in projections for the full year

    TePla posted sales growth of nearly 30% for the first nine months of 2000. This was mainly driven by strong demand in the semiconductor industry. Total sales were 15.8 million DM compared to 12.3 million DM for the same period 1999. In addition to increased sales, the company posted orders on hand of up to 22 million DM for the year through September 2000. This again was due to the high demand in the semiconductor devision. In September, TePla AG achieved 4.4 million DM of orders on hand, the second largest order volume so far this year.

    Gross earnings for the first nine months were 5.7 million DM, an increase of 25%, significantly higher than in the same period of 1999. Continued future investments are the main reason for the negative third quarter periodic result of 247 thousand DM. R&D expenses were increased by 100% from the previous year to 1.825 million DM. Also, as part of its continued strategy of international growth, TePla AG incurred start-up costs associated with it's French subsidiary, TePla France and the US based TePla Inc.

    I-III 2000/I-III 1999 thousand DM/thousand DM Sales:15,817/12,269


    Result from Ordinary Activities:-565/392 Periodic Result:-247/1,462 Earnings per share in DM:-0.07*/0.51* * based on 3 million shares outstanding before September 30th, 2000

    With the strong increases in sales and orders on hand for the first three quarters of 2000, TePla AG is confident it will at least achieve its sales projection of 25.4 million DM for the full year. This projection does not include sales figures from MetroLine Industries which TePla acquired in October 2000.

    Increase in projections for 2000

    Based on the strong increase in TePla's sales for the first nine months of 2000 and the first time consolidation of MetroLine, sales projections for full year 2000 should increase by 30% to 32.5 million DM. Earnings projections for the full year 2000 will be lower than the original IPO-projections due to costs and goodwill amortization associated with the acquisition of MetroLine Industries.

    2000 (previous)/2000 (adjusted) million DM/million DM Sales:25.4/32.5


    Result from Ordinary Activities:3.9/1.5 Periodic Result:2.1/1.5 Earnings per share in DM:0.69 */0.49 ** * based on 3 million shares outstanding before September 30th, 2000 * based on 3.22 million shares outstanding after October 1st, 2000

    The projections for 2001 through 2003 will be disclosed shortly. The detailed report for the first three quarters of 2000 will be available on November 29, 2000 located at http://www.tepla.com.

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