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Brandenburg townhouse development puts its trust in LAMILUX Flat Roof Access Hatches

Brandenburg townhouse development puts its trust in LAMILUX Flat Roof Access Hatches
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Brandenburg townhouse development puts its trust in LAMILUX Flat Roof Access Hatches

Retreat above the rooftops

Especially in big cities, their popularity is growing – roof terraces. But not every roof can be your own oasis of well-being. In metropolises, townhouse developments with flat roofs are therefore being built more and more frequently. Specially adapted flat roof access hatches create exclusive access to the roof terrace. In a recently built townhouse complex in Hohen Neuendorf in Brandenburg, a total of 34 LAMILUX Flat Roof Access Hatch Comfort Swing units were installed to provide residents with easy and private access to the roof terrace.

Making clever use of living space is becoming increasingly important, especially in large cities like Munich, Cologne or Berlin. In these metropolises with millions of inhabitants, many people long for more greenery and less concrete, for more peace and quiet and less noise, without having to give up the big-city flair. The solutions of many architects: Townhouse developments with flat roofs.

Townhouse – your own home in the middle of the city

A townhouse is urban by definition. Particularly in large cities and their surrounding areas, these types of buildings are gaining more and more attention. Thanks to their narrow floor plan, they take up minimal space, which is why several townhouses can usually be built next to each other. These types of buildings are particularly appealing to families who do not want to do without city living or their own garden or terrace:

"The residential location in the Bergfelde district of Hohen Neuendorf (Brandenburg) is extremely attractive," explains Stefan Reihl, corporate communications officer at Project Immobilien based in Nuremberg, which was responsible for the implementation and planning of the property. He adds: "In the middle of Barnim Nature Park, the district is surrounded by extensive woodlands and lakes and thanks to its connection to the Berlin S-Bahn network, you can quickly reach the capital. Then there are the remarkable statistics: Hohen Neuendorf is one of the fastest growing towns in the Berlin area, so housing is urgently needed here."

In addition to 21 townhouses, the newly created housing estate also offers 60 flats and thus makes perfect use of the existing area.

Since February 2022, the Ziemann family of three, together with their two dogs, have also been living in one of the townhouses. "With three floors, four rooms, a guest toilet and a bathroom, as well as two storage areas, we have plenty of space and everyone has their own space. Life in the townhouse in Hohen Neuendorf is rather village-like, despite it not being far from Berlin. We don't have anyone living above or below us, which we enjoy very much, as well as hours relaxing on our roof terrace," says resident Katrin Ziemann enthusiastically.

Thanks to flat roof access to private roof terrace

However, roof terraces are only possible if the building has a flat roof. These are becoming increasingly popular and are usually included in new buildings right from the start. The prerequisite for this is that the roof has a slope of between 2% and 10% to ensure proper drainage: "Flat roofs enable more efficient planning due to their construction. They also offer added value within the living space, as no space is wasted due to the absence of sloping ceilings. However, a special added value for residents is certainly that flat roofs can be used as terraces and/or green areas," says Reihl. A fact that Katrin Ziemann also greatly appreciates about her townhouse: "Our roof terrace is our absolute highlight. On nice days, especially in summer, we have sun around the clock and don't have to go to nearby parks to sunbathe. There is also a wonderful view from the roof. I often use our roof terrace as my personal retreat. It's a place where I can take time for myself and enjoy nature."

Flat roof access hatch – convenient access to the outdoors

Access to the roof terrace is provided by flat roof access hatches. Unique comfort, optimum energy values, high intake of daylight in the flat thanks to maximum glass surface and elegant design are offered by the flat roof access hatches from Rehau-based LAMILUX. As one of the leading manufacturers of skylight systems in Europe, LAMILUX enables a new dimension of roof access with a total of four different variants in the Flat Roof Access Hatch Comfort series.

"Our flat roof access hatches not only have excellent, optimised thermal insulation values and proven durability – the focus is also on architectural requirements and comfort," explains Carsten Ficker, LAMILUX Product Manager. LAMILUX relies on tailored solutions for this: "We offer Flat Roof Access Hatches in various sizes and opening variants to ensure the ideal solution on the roof. Our elements also meet individual requirements when it comes to glazing. They can be freely configured with thermal insulation or special solar protection glazing. They also offer an abundant intake of daylight, manually controllable ventilation and aeration and of course, convenient access to the roof terrace."

Reasons why the planners of the townhouse development in Hohen Neuendorf also opted for LAMILUX Flat Roof Access Hatches. Another advantage of building a roof terrace including a high-quality flat roof access hatch is that it also increases the value of the property. Half of the roof terrace area can be added to the sales price or rental price.

LAMILUX Flat Roof Access Hatch Comfort Swing creates bright spots in an exclusive design

A total of 34 LAMILUX Flat Roof Access Hatch Comfort Swing units were installed in the flat roofs of the townhouses and in the attic flats of the newly created development. These units can be opened seamlessly over the entire top-hung flap like a door. "The advantages of this variant are definitely the convenient stair access to the roof terrace, very good thermal insulation with a Ug value of approx. 0.6 W/(m²K) and, thanks to the folding mechanism, more space on the roof terrace," says Carsten Ficker, LAMILUX Product Manager. Optimal use of space was also the reason why the Project Immobilien planners ultimately opted for the LAMILUX Flat Roof Access Hatch Comfort Swing. But that is not the only reason: "The product offers plenty of daylight and does not feel like opening the door to the attic in an old family home. For us, it was important that it contributes positively to the living experience. This has already been confirmed to us by prospective tenants during viewings. This solution is not very well known at present – but it's an eye-catcher. The initial scepticism of some potential tenants was also quickly dispelled," explains Stefan Reihl, Project Immobilien.

Within 25 seconds, the flat roof access hatch folds up to grant access to the path to the roof, which is roughly 100 cm wide. The system is opened by means of electrically controlled hydraulic cylinders. Mechanics and controls are concealed in the system and thus ensure an attractive and clean design, for which the Flat Roof Access Hatch Comfort Swing has already been awarded the German Design Award 2020 in the "Special Mention" category.

Resident Katrin Ziemann is also absolutely thrilled with the LAMILUX Flat Roof Access Hatch Comfort Swing on the upper floor of her house: "The procedure for opening the roof is very straightforward. The great advantage of this roof access hatch is that it also functions as a window. This means we always have a wonderful brightness in the house. It's also great for ventilation as it doesn't need to be opened all the way and, especially in summer, the sun always smiles nicely into the room."

LAMILUX Heinrich Strunz Group, Rehau

Continuous rooflights, glass roofs or rooflights: the LAMILUX Heinrich Strunz Group is one of the leading manufacturers of skylights in Europe. The skylights ensure efficient use of natural daylight in a wide variety of buildings. In addition, special smoke and heat extraction systems provide safety in case of fire and are therefore essential components of fire protection concepts. LAMILUX is also known for its solutions for object smoke extraction. Furthermore, the medium-sized family business founded in 1909 is one of the world's largest producers of carbon and glass fibre reinforced plastics. These composite materials provide stability, lightweight construction and impact resistance for instance in roof, wall and floor linings in commercial vehicles. The company has around 1300 employees at present and has achieved a turnover of around 392 million euros in 2022.

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