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Writing instruments: Refined surfaces for refined tastes

Writing instruments: Refined surfaces for refined tastes
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Although the style of handwriting is unique to each person, the chosen writing instrument also reflects their own sense of style. In order to meet the demand for individuality, Otto Hutt’s fine fountain pens offer a wide variety of different designs. When it comes to the writing instrument’s look and feel, the surface finish matters. While each product meets the high standards of quality and functionality set by the “Made in Germany” label, there are many different finishes and textures to choose from.

High-quality coating with precious metals

The barrel and the cap are the largest components of a writing instrument. Together, they form a unit with a decisive influence on how the instrument looks and feels. Along with the material, size and design, special manufacturing techniques are ultimately responsible for the surface finishes of the high-quality Otto Hutt fountain pens. One of these techniques being a coating with precious metals. In the company's own electroplating-line, metals like silver, gold and platinum are applied to the individual components. Both shiny and matt surface effects can be achieved thanks to further processing.

Lacquering provides durability and radiant colours

In order to be labelled “Made in Germany”, fine Otto Hutt fountain pens meet high demands. In terms of their production and handling on the one hand, and their longevity on the other. The craftsmanship’s quality is especially characterised by a high degree of durability. Therefore, hardwearing lacquer is used in a variety of colours. To ensure that the writing instrument does not lose its radiance, high-quality lacquer is applied in several layers and polished each time. Even with frequent daily use, the writing instruments are sure to retain their pleasant appearance. On top of the matt and gloss varnishes, the textured lacquer is another special feature adding an extraordinary feel to the exclusive Otto Hutt fountain pens.

A traditional technique: Otto Hutt fountain pens with guilloche

When it comes to patterns, they can be made both visible and tangible. To achieve this, the Black Forest-based brand employs a traditional finishing technique. Guilloche engraving is a highly precise process which was originally used for security markings and refining jewellery. With each step, fine lines are engraved into metal to create an ornamental pattern – the guilloche. The results are elegant surface finishes for every style, be it wavy decorations, interwoven checks or clear threads. It is this combination of creativity and traditional craftsmanship that makes the production of the high-quality Otto Hutt fountain pens not only special but also a procedural rarity.

While the barrel and the cap are the largest components, they are not the only elements influencing the appearance of the writing instrument. Smaller fittings such as the clip also make an important contribution to the final look. They can be highlighted with contrasting accents or finished with a uniform colouring, in order to achieve a harmonious design. Further, nibs are available in steel, gold, bicolor and PVD-coated options. Ultimately, the fine writing instrument must suit one’s own style and personal writing habits.

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