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More options, more possibilities: New releases in October 2022

More options, more possibilities: New releases in October 2022
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Good things will always endure. At the same time, they evolve to create new inspirations. German writing instrument manufacturer Otto Hutt has already launched several new products this year. The range has been broadened with exciting colour options for the design01, design03, design04 and design07 lines. When it comes to luxury fountain pens, style is not only a question of preference, but also of choice. With that in mind, the next innovations will follow in October 2022: The design07 in Allblack as well as the design08 in gold and black.

Profound elegance - the design07 in Allblack

The purist language of the Bauhaus style is brilliantly embodied by the fountain, ballpoint and rollerball pens of the design07. Their characteristic shape radiates both vigour and elegance at the same time. A thrilling interplay of opposites, elevated by a tasteful thread guilloche. Starting from October 2022, the design07 writing instruments will also be available in an exclusive Allblack option. The deep black is a confident statement coating the cap, the body as well as the individual components. Further, the gold nib of the luxury fountain pen is refined with a black PVD coating. Lastly, polished fittings and matted surfaces made of solid brass ensure a dynamic contrast.

Timeless charisma - the design08 in gold and black

When precision work meets superb design, it results in something extraordinary. The rollerball pens and piston fill fountain pens of the design08 were created in cooperation with designer Mark Braun. Opposing guilloches make for a fascinating and varied look, while the straightforward design ensures a comfortable writing experience. The unique Pull+Twist function is a special technical feature, making it easier to fill the Otto Hutt luxury fountain pens with fresh ink. Now available with a precious gold plating and striking black finish, the line is expanded by two colour options adding a new dimension to the timeless aesthetics of the design08.

Tradition and innovation united in luxury fountain pens

This year's additions open up new possibilities to find a fitting writing instrument for any style and preference. While the Otto Hutt range continues to evolve, the high standards for fine materials, masterful craftsmanship and quality "Made in Germany" remain the same. Since the company was founded in 1920, this unshakeable principle has stood the test of time. A tried and tested tenet that was most recently honoured at the "Trophées Internationaux du Stylographe" award ceremony. Hosted by Le Stylographe magazine, Otto Hutt received the "Throphée de la plume" in the "Nib of the Year" category for design07. A special honour emphasizing the fine craftsmanship behind the luxury fountain pens created by the Pforzheim-based brand.

Each design line has its very own traits and characteristics. No matter which writing instrument is chosen, customers can always rely on a controlled first-class finish. Excellence does not come by chance: By combining tradition and innovation, the writing instrument manufacturer guarantees quality in all aspects. While meticulous craftsmanship provides the foundation, highly modern machines perfect the production process. One step at a time, this approach results in luxury fountain pens duly bearing the renowned hallmark "Made in Germany".

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