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26.05.2000 – 08:37

TTL Beteiligungs- und Grundbesitz-AG

ots Ad hoc-Service: TTL Info. Technology AG Project business turns in high-growth performance Investment volume upped by 195 %

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    Munich (ots Ad hoc-Service) -    

    TTL Information Technology AG, a vendor of complete IT packages in the field of large mainframe systems has published its figures for the 1st quarter of 2000. As per 31 March 2000, the operating result, at 2,238,000 DM, and profits after tax, at 919,000 DM, were both up on last years equivalent figures.

    In particular, the companys core business, with projects involving integrated all-inclusive packages, saw sales revenues rise by 17 %; the result rose from 1,352,000 DM to 2,757,000 DM, up by 104 %. TTLs investments in fixed assets were increased to more than 33 million DM during the 1st quarter of 2000, up by 195 % over the preceding year.

    TTL AG will be purposefully progressing its expansion strategy, aimed at creating additional medium and long-term growth opportunities for the group through carefully selected acquisitions. The purchase of 1st DATA Solution Vertriebs GmbH approved by the AGM on 27 April 2000 will in the months ahead produce synergetic effects of continuing benefit to the sales and earnings situation.

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