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    FORIS is becoming more and more attractive for plaintiffs and their lawyers. FORIS is aiming at further, faster growth by way of a new percentage share. FORIS AG, the market leader in financing legal proceedings in Germany, is introducing a new percentage system for its contingent share. FORIS is moreover introducing the "FORIS Extra Fee" for lawyers.

    While the contingent share to date has been 50% of litigation proceeds, effective immediately FORIS is financing lawsuits worth over DM 100,000 for a share of 30%. At litigation proceeds of over DM 1 million, FORIS will now only take a 20% share. Litigation financing thus becomes more and more attractive for plaintiffs.

    Right from the start, FORIS entered the market with the predication that in five years nobody will conduct litigation worth over DM 100,000 at their own cost risk. After just two financial years, with over 1,600 inquiries, the corresponding know-how and a team of qualified in-house attorneys, FORIS feels itself well-equipped to meet this prediction today.

    FORIS is convinced that with this clearly more attractive offer for plaintiffs, it will capture substantially more and better cases for financing. The lower percentage share coupled with more promising cases will thus have a positive effect on FORIS's overall results. With a larger volume of business and faster growth, FORIS AG will increase its market lead in the know-how of litigation financing.

    At the same time, plaintiffs will be able to reward their lawyers with an extra 10/10 FORIS fee. FORIS will thereby compensate lawyers for their added correspondence expenses.

    For additional information: FORIS AG, Matterhornstr. 44, 14129 Berlin, phone: (+49 30) 8048-640. fax: (+49 30) 8048-6424, e-mail:, Internet:

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