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With group revenues of DM 69.0
Million (previous year 55.1 / +25%), Mensch und Maschine Software AG
(M+M) reached a new record in Q4/99, based on the provisional
analysis of financial data. This represents a leap of 74% in the last
three months compared to third quarter 1999. After all vertical
solutions for the new software platform AutoCAD 2000 finally became
available, nearly all of the previously existing order backlog was
worked off. For the whole year 1999, group revenue increased by
approximately 21% to DM 199.6 Million (previous year 165.3). Accurate
earnings prognosis is not available at this time. The board of
management, however, is anticipating clearly positive earnings for
fourth quarter. This would enable annual earnings to catch up a bit,
while after nine months earnings had been nearly 50% under previous
year. Audited results will be published on March 31, 2000, as

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