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    LPKF Laser & Electronics AG: 9 - Months' Statement LPKF Laser & Electronics AG boasts a positive business development after 9 months. Turnover is 36.945 thousand DM (26.500 thousand DM) and this means an increase of 29.6 % year-on-year. Especially the markets in Northern America with 36% (29%) and Asia with 29% (23%) share of the turnover showed this positive development, which is due not only to the new generation of machines in the Rapid Prototyping range, but also the new laser systems which contributed considerably to this growth in the course of the year. The result of the company is also pleasing, with an EBIT of 9.044 thousand DM (6.712 thousand DM) last year's value was exceeded by 34,7%. Also the consolidated statement of the company group shows a significant increase with 4.704 thousand DM ( 3.155 thousand DM), this being another important evidence showing that LPKF Laser & Electronics AG is generating a stable and predictable profit. LPKF Laser & Electronics AG invested further in highly qualified staff. New technologies such as MicrolineLaser, Protolaser, Polymer StencilLaser and the quality inspection system ScanCheck demonstrate the high innovative potential. In October the new company LPKF Tianjin Co. Ltd. was established in order to penetrate the Chinese market using proven sales structures.

    Further information can be found in our newsletter 3/2000, both on our homepage www.lpkf.de and under www.Neuer-Markt.de.

    In thousand DM                  2000        1999
    Sales revenue                 36.945    28.500
    EBIT                                 9.044      6.712
    Consolidated result         4.704      3.155
    Staff                                  178         115

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