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Event tool launches "Smart Quotes" for automated MICE revenue management

Event tool launches "Smart Quotes" for automated MICE revenue management
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Conference hotels and event venues can hardly cope with the flood of inquiries. Event quotes are requested through an increasing number of channels and MICE platforms, and prospective clients now submit inquiries to many venues at the same time. Hotels and venues find themselves facing more inquiries than ever, and from lower quality leads.

Relief comes from Eventmachine's new "Smart Quotes" with built-in MICE revenue management: error-free events are planned and calculated instantly. With "Smart Quotes", venues can automatically fine-tune their quotes based on relevant conditions and targeted markups or discounts.

Off-the-rack is an outdated model in the event business. New event formats and highly individual events are more important than ever. To meet these increasing needs of event planners and to reduce the pressure on over-stressed event managers, MICE business must "go digital" and automate.

In the light of skills shortage and high turnover, hotels and venues soon hit staff capacity limits. Many venues don't have enough trained staff to respond to all requests instantly, much less to tailor quotes to maximize profits.

"This is why MICE tools have to be smart" Florian Zelfel, CEO of Eventmachine Meeting, explains. "They have to empower each team member to quote perfectly - no matter their qualifications or stress level."

Hotels and event venues can easily customize rules to accommodate all their different pricing scenarios. "Every day we develop new, intelligent features" Peter Warren, CTO of Eventmachine Meeting, adds. "The goal is always to make complex event planning fast and simple for users."

Competition has never been tougher for MICE providers. In this era of immediacy, it is quite clear who wins the contract: the provider with the best and fastest quote.

About eventmachine meeting:

Eventmachine Meeting is the first turnkey event planning and quoting platform. Seamlessly embedded in the supplier's own website, Eventmachine Meeting is the smartest solution for hotels, venues and providers of meetings, seminars and events.


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Telephone: +49 (0)40 386 29 000


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