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UNIQA Privatstiftung plans to acquire part of the RZB investment in UNIQA

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The two core shareholders of the listed company UNIQA Insurance Group AG ("UNIQA
Group"), Raiffeisen Zentralbank Österreich AG ("RZB") and UNIQA
Versicherungsverein Privatstiftung ("UNIQA Privatstiftung") are in the advanced
stages of negotiations to conclude an agreement (Memorandum of Understanding) by
which UNIQA Privatstiftung intends to buy 54,494,195 shares in the UNIQA Group
from RZB, which RZB currently holds indirectly (and effectively) through BL
Syndikat Beteiligungs Gesellschaft m.b.H. ("BL GmbH"). These shares correspond
to a share of 17.64 per cent in the UNIQA Group's share capital. BL GmbH
shareholders who have held an indirect share in the UNIQA Group so far will hold
a direct share in the Group accordingly. The transaction is set to be
implemented in 2016.

On 25 July 2016, RZB published insider information on key points of the planned
transaction on the same day based on the approval of the Supervisory Board of

For RZB, the planned transaction is part of RZB's measures that are currently
being assessed to simplify the Group's structure and allow the Group to adjust
to the rise in regulatory capital requirements.

As a result of the planned transaction, UNIQA Privatstiftung is promoting the
foundation's goals and fulfilling its legal mandate in accordance with the Law
on the Supervision of Insurance Undertakings (Versicherungsaufsichtsgesetz) to
shape the future of the UNIQA Group by adding value in the long run. 

Once this transaction has been implemented, the 30.58 per cent share of voting
rights attributable to UNIQA Privatstiftung in the UNIQA Group (share calculated
based on the 3.46 per cent share in BL GmbH: 31.36 per cent) will increase to
49.00 per cent. After this transaction, UNIQA Privatstiftung and Collegialität
Versicherungsverein Privatstiftung would directly and indirectly hold around
51.39 per cent together. 

The share of voting rights attributable to RZB in the UNIQA Group would fall
from a current 31.40 per cent (share calculated based on the 77.48 per cent
investment in BL GmbH: 26.28 per cent) to 8.64 per cent after this transaction.
As a shareholder, RZB would remain a party to the syndicate of core shareholders
of the UNIQA Group, which will permanently remain in place. A change in control
over the UNIQA Group is not planned. The sales collaborations of the UNIQA Group
and its companies with the Raiffeisen banking group in Austria, which were
extended only recently for another five years until the end of 2022, and
Raiffeisen Bank International abroad (13 countries in Central and Eastern Europe
and Russia) remain unaffected and will be continued.

To perform the planned transaction, implementation contracts would need to be
concluded and relevant authorities would have to give their approval or
authorisation. In addition, the takeover commission's positive assessment would
also be required.

Further inquiry note:
UNIQA Insurance Group AG 
Norbert Heller
Tel.: +43 (01) 211 75-3414

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issuer:      UNIQA Insurance Group AG
             Untere Donaustraße 21
             A-1029 Wien
phone:       01/211 75-0
mail:     investor.relations@uniqa.at
WWW:      http://www.uniqagroup.com
sector:      Insurance
ISIN:        AT0000821103
indexes:     WBI, ATX Prime, ATX
stockmarkets: official market: Wien 
language:   English

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