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Vibration-proof, fast, maintenance-free
Electrical connections with spring clamp connection

Minden (ots) - - Cross-reference: photo was sent via satellite and is available at: http://recherche.newsaktuell.de/galerie.htx?type=obs First photo: The original WAGO CAGE CLAMP (r) connection for quick, vibration-resistant, maintenance-free clamping connections from 0.08 square meters to 35 square meters. Second photo: The WAGO front-entry rail-mounted terminal blocks guarantee vibration-resistant, maintenance-free clamping connections in a tram. The operating conditions place heavy demands on the connection technique in rail traffic. In addition to constantly changing climatic conditions, especially in equipment boxes underneath the vehicle chassis, the movement of the vehicle subjects connections to constant vibrations across a broad frequency range as well as a wide variety of acceleration forces. This applies, to a similar extent, to electrical connections in switchgear cabinets for points or in signal systems. In 1977 the WAGO CAGE CLAMP(r) connection system has been introduced in rail-mounted terminal blocks and since 1978 it's been proving its worth under such operating conditions. The freedom from maintenance of this connection system, resulting from its immunity to vibration, means high efficiency of the electrical and electronic systems that are used in worldwide rail traffic, hence explaining the successful use of WAGO terminal blocks and connectors with CAGE CLAMP(r) connection. Rail-mounted terminal blocks with front-entry wiring WAGO rail-mounted terminal blocks with front-entry wiring are available with 2-, 3-, or 4-conductor connection, each having one CAGE CLAMP(r) connection per conductor. That way, * the safety concept "1 conductor per clamping unit" is maintained, * commoning of potential can be achieved without the use of jumpers and without the need for additional terminal blocks * additional clamping units for re-wiring are available without having to modify the wiring. WAGO rail-mounted terminal blocks with CAGE CLAMP(r) connection are available for cross sections up to 35 square meters / AWG 2. X-COM-SYSTEM Pre-wiring whole functional units, connecting them with one another, testing and replacing them quickly all requires intelligent, flexible connection techniques. This applies in railway traffic too. The new WAGO X-COM-SYSTEM, a modular, rail-mounted connector system, meets all these requirements. It consists of receptacle terminal blocks, mounting onto carrier DIN rails in the same way as rail-mounted terminal blocks, and plug-in modular female plugs, and it is protected against accidental contact. The coding feature makes is possible to protect female plugs against mismating even with connector groups having the same number of poles. Receptacle terminal blocks and female plugs can be commoned with plug-in jumper systems protected against accidental contact. Informative material You can find a selection of worldwide applications in vehicles and trackside devices in the WAGO booklet "Traffic Engineering RVT 2.0". For informative material please contact: ots Originaltext: WAGO Kontakttechnik GmbH Internet: http://recherche.newsaktuell.de WAGO Kontakttechnik GmbH Hansastr. 27 D-32423 Minden Tel.: + + 571/887-0 Fax.: + + 571/887-169 E-Mail: info@wago.com Internet: www.wago.com Original-Content von: WAGO Gruppe, übermittelt durch news aktuell

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