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  • 23.03.2023 – 01:01

    HUMA Therapeutics

    Huma receives world's first and only multi-condition EU MDR Class IIb regulatory approval for its configurable SaMD disease management platform

    New York and London (ots/PRNewswire) - - Huma's platform is ready to use, reducing the time and cost for other companies to bring regulated SaMD products to market, democratising digital health innovation across the industry - Class IIb certification expands the patient population and level of disease severity that ...

  • 11.03.2021 – 09:00

    DG-Nika AG

    First pocket inhaler for Covid-19 and other viral mutations

    Buochs (ots) - DG-Nika AG – a new approach to therapy & proactive protection from the pandemic The corona pandemic continues to pose a global threat: To date, it has been possible to vaccinate only a small fraction of the total population. On top of that, there is acute danger from mutations of this virus. Against this backdrop, the DG-Nika AG research team has developed a solution for a new approach to protecting the ...

  • 18.10.2018 – 09:32

    Technische Universität München

    Test predicts outcome of hay fever therapies

    TECHNICAL UNIVERSITY OF MUNICH Corporate Communications Center phone: +49 89 289 22731 - email: - web: This text on the web: NEWS RELEASE Test predicts outcome of hay fever therapies Allergy researchers look into molecular processes in hyposensitization to pollen Allergen-specific immunotherapy can make everyday life ...