About the Presseportal.de

What is Presseportal.de?

Presseportal, the web portal of the dpa subsidiary news aktuell, is one of the largest and most popular PR portals in Germany and is considered as a reliable source for media professionals, bloggers, influencers and interested customers. On average, the Presseportal records   million hits per month (IVW checked: average value   ). More than 12,000 companies, organisations, associations, official departments and many other customers rely on the Presseportal and are represented with their own newsroom.

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History and development

The news aktuell Presseportal was first launched in 1996. Since then, it has been continuously expanded and developed. This is also reflected in the growing visitor numbers and the ongoing expansion of topics.

What advantages does Presseportal offer?

The portal offers a number of advantages for both publishers of PR content and subscribers of news.

Advantages of subscribing for media professionals and interested parties

Your Presseportal email subscriptions keep you up to date. Follow your individual selection of topics and corporate newsrooms. You will receive all news directly in your inbox - either immediately upon publication or collected daily at your preferred time.

Reach through Presseportal

Publishing a press release in the Presseportal gives you, your topics and your PR content visibility and reach in any media format. Media professionals from editorial offices and specialist blogs, digital influencers and interested customers use Presseportal as a qualitative research source. With Presseportal.ch, a Swiss portal is also available.

SEO boost and social media

Presseportal is a quick way to optimal visibility. Your topics are distributed and are available online in the long term and sustainably. Your content thereby receives an SEO boost, e.g. through Google AMP. More than half of the hits on Presseportal come via Google searches. The sharing function also ensures that a quarter of the views are made through social media.

Your own newsroom on Presseportal

In your own newsroom on Presseportal, you can offer all your press content centrally in one place. Interested parties can also subscribe directly to your newsroom and never miss any of your updates.   email subscriptions alone confirm the enormous reach of content.

Your content on Presseportal

Your way into Presseportal

With the solutions of news aktuell you have various possibilities to publish your content on Presseportal. If you publish your PR material via our distribution network ots or book our Native Ads, we will automatically make your content available in your own newsroom on Presseportal. Users of our media database zimpel have the option of generating even more reach for their PR material by additionally booking their own newsroom on Presseportal.

Content types on Presseportal

Our Presseportal offers you space for a wide variety of content types. By combining text content with images and graphics, videos or audio files, you increase the attention for your PR content. You can also publish your content in French, Italian, English, Spanish, Dutch or Portuguese.


Texts offer the possibility to bring content clearly and concisely to the point and to communicate it to the outside world in the desired level of detail.

Images and graphics

As a visual component, images always generate attention and can complement and enhance a text release. Graphics can clarify contexts and illustrate content such as figures in a simple way.


Similar to images, videos are also suitable for increasing attention, visually processing content and conveying your topics in a simple way.

Audio contributions

The continuing success of podcast & co. proves that audio is still very much in demand as a format. Sound bites and similar forms can add another component to your press release.

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