What is Presseportal.de?

Presseportal, the web portal of the dpa subsidiary news aktuell, is the largest and most popular PR portal in Germany. On average, Presseportal has 15 million visitors per month - via desktop, mobile and app. Over 12,000 companies rely on the power of Presseportal and are represented with their own newsrooms.

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15 Mio

visitors per month

What kind of content can you post on Presseportal?

You can post all your PR content on Presseportal - no matter if it is a simple text release that you would like to present, or more complex press releases with images, videos or audio content. But please be aware: not all content attracts the same attention (oder: gets the same pickup). The following graph shows how many more clicks multimedia-based PR content attracts.




text + audio



text + photos



text + videos

What can Presseportal do for you?

Presseportal not only helps you to communicate your content, it also keeps it available long-term online. This means that your content will receive the right SEO boost, e.g. via Google AMP. Over half of the visits to Presseportal are made via search queries to Google, one quarter via social media (such as Facebook Instant Articles among others).

Who can you reach with Presseportal?

Journalists, bloggers and other influencers, as well as consumers actively search Presseportal daily. In addition, there are currently 195,000 mail subscriptions, which are delivered directly to the recipients’ inboxes sorted by subject area or company.



When did Presseportal get started?

Since the launch of Presseportal in 1996, it has been continuously developed and visitor numbers have steadily increased. In comparison to 2018 alone, the visitor numbers (IVW) have gone up by two million visits per month.