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  • 05.11.2018 – 17:07

    Tackling Big Data - new graduate school for Data Science in Munich

    As a result of digitalization, research is producing ever larger and more complex data sets. While these hold great potential for example for biomedicine, energy research, geo-research or robotics, they also need to be managed and interpreted. To address this need, the Munich School for Data Science @ Helmholtz, TUM & LMU (MuDS) has ...

  • 09.10.2018 – 10:15

    Satiety in 3D

    Many overweight people lack the feeling of being full. It was long thought that this was due to the disrupted transport of the satiety hormone leptin to the brain. That is not the case, as a group of scientists from Helmholtz Zentrum München has now shown in the 'International Journal of Obesity'. The work was made possible by a new 3D imaging technique that allows tracking the path ...