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19.09.2018 – 12:29

news aktuell GmbH

Top 10 Incentives: What PR professionals would like from their employers

Top 10 Incentives: What PR professionals would like from their employers
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Hamburg (ots)

Home office, free drinks and a public transport pass These are the perks that German communicators desire most of all from their companies. dpa subsidiary news aktuell and Faktenkontor have conducted a survey among PR professionals and managers on what they expect from their employers in additional incentives apart from pay. Almost 990 communications professionals took part in the PR Trend Monitor.

Those surveyed were asked to state on a scale from 0 (completely unimportant) to 10 (very important) the significance that different perquisites have for them in their work. The option of being able to work from home is the most important according to those surveyed (8.6). Free drinks and compensation for the costs of public transport travel are in second place on the list of wishes (each 7.1). The corporate communicators were almost as pleased when their employers provided them with mobile devices for their work, such as a notebook (6.8) or a smartphone (6.5).

Company parking places were much less significant (5.3). Health and care were also relegated to lower places on the list of desirable perks. Provision by the employer of assistance for health insurance or care for family members were seen as only moderately important (each 5.8). The ubiquitous office fruit bowl turned out to be an overrated benefit (4.7). Staff satisfaction does not greatly depend on the availability of free apples and bananas.

Money is not everything: Top 10 ranking of the most popular perks: 
0 = completely unimportant, 10 = very important

1. Home office working: 8.6 
2. Free drinks: 7.1 
3. Public transport pass: 7.1 
4. Notebook for unlimited use: 6.8 
5. Smartphone for unlimited use: 6.5 
6. Canteen or food vouchers: 6.0 
7. Additional health insurance: 5.8 
8. Assistance in caring for family members: 5.8 
9. Company parking places: 5.3 
10. Fruit bowl in the office: 4.7

PR Trend Monitor 2018 

987 professionals and managers from press offices and PR agencies 

Online questionnaire, Survey period: February 2018

Survey initiators:

About news aktuell:

As a wholly owned subsidiary of dpa, news aktuell provides business and organizations with effective access to media and consumers. Via the smart tools ots and zimpel, PR content accesses all media formats, including classical print, high click-rate online portals and social networks. In addition, news aktuell publishes all its customers' PR content on, a PR portal with the one of the greatest reaches in Germany. This means that all the relevant multipliers are reached globally, from editors, via digital influencers right up to specialist bloggers and interested consumers. news aktuell has been on the market since 1989. It has a staff complement of more than 135 employees. Company headquarters are in Hamburg. Other offices are in Berlin, Dusseldorf, Frankfurt und Munich.

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news aktuell GmbH
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Deputy head of corporate communications
Phone: +49 40/4113 - 32598

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