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07.12.2020 – 23:18

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Greta's Skipper in Vendee Race For Mama Earth Mangroves

Greta's Skipper in Vendee Race For Mama Earth Mangroves
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Boris Herrmann, the first German to enter the Vendee Globe Race, has a real mission, to raise funds to plant 1 million mangroves in the Philippines.

You may have heard of Herrmann already, he funded and skippered Greta Thunberg's zero-carbon transatlantic voyage to the UN Climate summits in in 2019.

By entering the race, he is gathering lacking scientific marine data to measure human impact on the sea, and advocate nature-based climate solutions.

Herrmann, who comes from Hamburg, is one of 33 sailors who are racing solo and unassisted in the most brutal yacht race in the world on the hi-tech IMOCA60 class yacht Seaexplorer - Yacht Club De Monaco (formerly Malizia II - Yacht Club De Monaco).

23 days into the race and two sailors have been forced to abandon their vessel so far in the gruelling race. British Alex Thomson's yacht "Hugo Boss" suffered rudder damage, forcing him to retire. And, in the early hours of Monday 30thNovember, Boris was one of three competitors to assist Jean Le Cam to rescue Kevin Escoffier who was forced to take to his life-raft.

Boris's participation in the Vendee Globe hopes to raise exposure of the real "race we must win," namely climate change. To help win the race against climate change, Boris and his team are actively developing a gamut of philanthropic projects to save the planet.

While the IMOCA60 class yacht is zero-carbon, save for a mandatory motor, Herrmann felt compelled to offset his team's carbon footprint from air travel to sailing races.

It made perfect sense to reforest mangroves. They are "the rainforests of the sea" and can help to save the planet.

In 2018, Herrmann teamed up with the Mama Earth Foundation to found the Malizia Mangrove Park in the Philippines. So far, 144,000 mangroves have been planted by local communities.

Malizia Mangrove Reforestation Project

Many mangroves have been destroyed in the Philippines to make way for fish farms, shrimp farms, and hotel complexes.

It has proved devastating for local fisherfolk communities, biodiversity loss, and the climate. Without the mangroves the coastline will decline along with the invaluable ecosystem needed to reduce CO2 emissions.

In 2013 Typhoon Haiyan killed 6000 people and left 1000 missing. If so many mangroves hadn't been destroyed more people would still be alive today.

The world has already lost half its mangroves to agriculture, aquaculture and infrastructure development at a time when we need it most.

A 2019 report by the UN International Governmental Planet on Climate Change showed that climate change may be halted if 1 billion hectares of the planet were reforested with trees and mangroves.

But, mangrove reforestation is difficult due to planting failures. Indigenous stewardship is essential to ensure success. Local knowledge and culture is crucial for it to be successful.

Malizia Mangrove Park is a holistic, science-based restoration project that draws on the local community. Students are not permitted to graduate to high school until they have planted 10 mangrove seedlings.

The goal now is to plant another 1 million mangroves, which needs your help.

What Can You Do For The Ocean?

It costs just 0.33 Euros to plant one mangrove. 20 Euros will pay for 60 mangroves, 100 Euros will pay for 300 mangroves.

  • Mangrove reforestation will improve soil conditions to grow vital food for the local community.
  • 1 million mangroves will make an enormous contribution to binding CO2 and restoring the ecosystem.
  • Replacing lost mangroves will restore vital underwater wildlife and biodiversity.

Even just 1 Euro will make a difference. Help us and Boris in the "race we must win" here.


For more information contact Ulrich Kronberg at the Mama Earth Foundation at

By Estelle Kellegher, 00 30 698 6808975,

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