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30.10.2020 – 11:38

Mama Earth Foundation

"A Race we must win" Boris Herrmann supports the planting of 1 million mangroves

"A Race we must win"  Boris Herrmann supports the planting of 1 million mangroves
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Boris Herrmann, the most famous sailor in Germany, will start on November 8, 2020 in the Vendée Glo­be Race, the toughest one-handed regatta in the world that takes place every four years. Only a small group of top international professional sailors were able to qualify to take part in this race. This event fascinates millions of people around the world.

Boris Herrmann has been involved in the field of environmental and marine protection for years. Here too, his motto is: "A Race we must win". His yacht "Malizia" is equipped with sensors and collects data on the high seas, which are transmitted to the Max Planck Institute for Marine Research in Hamburg and to Geomar in Kiel. These institutes make this data available to research institutions around the world. The aim is to better monitor and understand the effects of climate change on the oceans.

Last year Boris also actively planted trees and mangroves. For this purpose, there is a cooperation with the Mama Earth Foundation, which is based in the Philippines. To mark the start of the Vendée Globe, a much more far-reaching project is being launched: the Malizia Mangrove Park. The Mama Earth Foun­dation will plant one million more mangroves in Mati, on the south coast of Mindanao, where the first 44,000 mangroves have already been planted. The mangroves existing in the area will be combined in a protected park. Currently the first 100.000 mangrove seedlings are being grown in local tree nurseries, so that the next extensive planting can start soon.

Mangroves are the "secret weapons"against climate change. They permanently bind a lot of CO2 and are at least as successful in doing so as the tropical rainforests. They also form an important habitat for marine and coastal life and protect both the coasts, e.g. from tsunamis, and the reefs off the coast from destruction by sand inundation. The adjacent communities along the coast are involved and actively participate in this project. Schools in the surrounding area will work on the subject of mangroves and pupils will help with the plantations.

The University of Mati is on board and will scientifically accompany and document the whole project.

The aim is to generate enough donations during the regatta and in the post race period to enable the planting of one million mangroves in Malizia Mangrove Park in the end. Mangroves have an incredible effect and are very cheap: 3 mangroves cost 1 Euro, 60 Euro 20 Euro and 300 Euro 100 Euro.

It would be great if you would be part of this project of Boris.

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