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THE Est. - Transformation Think-Tank

Liechtenstein based Think-Tank THE unites international tech and sustainability experts in Vaduz

Vaduz (ots)

For the last two years, the Liechtenstein-based Think- and Action-Tank THE intensively engages with the consequences of the transition to the Digital Modern Era, which marks a turning point for humanity.

On 1st September, the collective held THE 2018 ( in Vaduz to inspire conversations through speeches and a workshop. The event formed around the matter of sustainability and potential in the Digital Modern. With speakers like Iranian innovator Reza Ghiabi and Marc Buckley, the German/US climate and sustainability expert, the gathering was internationally listed.

In the Digital Modern Era, which we are currently entering, rules of economy and society are literally turned inside out. Exponential digital innovation and human-made phenomenons like globalisation escalate the disruption of "the old world". "The resultant highly complex new rules have to be identified and used in favour of a holistically sustainable future. We are constantly bringing humans from diverse professional and social backgrounds together to discuss about, and work on, these profound paradigm shifts of the Digital Modern", states Co-Founder and German Futurist Christopher Peterka (

Rudi Hilti, Co-Founder, Liechtensteiner and Entrepreneur, draws a positive balance after the first two years. Twenty-seven members from nine countries gathered for Transformers' Day on August 31 to decrypt and develop visions and missions. The expanded network that has emerged makes a dent. For example, THE is in exchange with renowned institutions such as the MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology - or cultural establishments like Staatsoper Unter den Linden, Berlin ( Right after their home base gatherings, the core team will travel to Malmö, Sweden to curate a unique two-part workshop ( at the innovative congress "The Conference" ( and spread its mission internationally. Visit their media centre for more insights (!


Landstrasse 121
LI-9490 Vaduz
Principality of Liechtenstein

Regina Fasel
+41 (0) 79 560 0883

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More stories: THE Est. - Transformation Think-Tank
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