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18.08.2017 – 09:00

THE Est. - Transformation Think-Tank

THE easing the path into the Digital Modern Era: Transformation Think-Tank based in Liechtenstein draws balance after first year

VaduzVaduz (ots)

Disruption, panic mode, new world order - the past years have been very challenging for businesses all around the world. Many futurists are preaching that it is already too late if one hasn't already adjusted to the digital trends by now. A Liechtenstein based think-tank that dedicated itself to the potentials of the Digital Modern era doesn't quite agree with the doomsaying. THE could draw a positive balance after their first business year and hosted a panel with representatives of the United Nations Technology Innovation Lab, initiatives of Massachusetts Institute for Technology (MIT) and the Liechtenstein Institute for Strategic Development at the University of Liechtenstein on Friday 18. August 2017. The topic of the discussion panel "A sustainable ecosystem" indicates the overall vision of the think-tank: Easing the way into a holistically sustainable present and future with the help of the microstate Liechtenstein as a closed living-lab for important game-changing solutions and projects in the Digital Modern Era.

THE founded by futurist Christopher P. Peterka and Liechtenstein visionary Rudolf D. Hilti focuses on the transformation from the Gutenberg era into the Digital Modern era. An innovative network arose in the course of the first business year: Human beings from various countries were enthused by the vision of the think-tank. Argentina, Italy, Iran, Great-Britain, the US or India to only name a few of the origins. The members called "Transformers" are just as diverse in terms of profession. From poet to investment broker, from student to CEO - transformation calls for multifaceted groups to effectively impact outworn systems and affect new tendencies in this time full of disruption.

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