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31.01.2019 – 10:28

BAM Bundesanstalt für Materialforschung und -prüfung

Rethinking building: International conference in Nairobi

Rethinking building: International conference in Nairobi
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Innovation, Science, Engineering and Education (ISEE) - the Bundesanstalt für Materialforschung und -prüfung (Federal Institute for Materials Research and Testing, BAM) has organised an international conference under this heading. It will take place from the 30 January to the 1 February in Nairobi, Kenya. In light of the booming construction industry in Africa, the conference is contributing to the development and use of innovative building materials on the continent. At the same time, this is spurring the training of tomorrow's engineers.

"There is no alternative to cement as a building material, but there is better cement - engineering training has a key part to play on the road to more sustainable solutions," explains Dr. Wolfram Schmidt, BAM building material expert.

Professional exchange and stakeholder networking from science and practice are central objectives of the ISEE conference. More than 100 scientists, undergraduates and stakeholders from industry and society will be taking part in the event. During the first two conference days, scientific, economic and societal speakers will present keynote speeches on global challenges, local solutions, international research and opportunities for training engineers - all of which referencing the African context. The participants will be actively involved in the conference, meaning workshops will invite discussions and exchange on the third day of the event.

"The conference is also intended as a kick-off event for the further development of teaching methods and contents for engineering training," says Schmidt. "We want to develop strategies which could arm engineers for the future challenges." Suggestions will be summarized in a conference transcript, which will be published after the conference.

German-African project supported by the Volkswagen Foundation

BAM is hosting the ISEE conference together with Prof. Funso Falade from the University of Lagos and the President of the African Engineering Association, and Prof. Robert Tchitnga, University of Dschang and Ulm University. The event will be financed by the Volkswagen Foundation.

More information:

Green concrete from Africa


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About BAM

BAM promotes safety in technology and chemistry. 
As a departmental research institute of the German Federal Ministry for Economic
Affairs and Energy, BAM performs research, testing and offers advisory support
to protect people, the environment and material goods. Its activity in the
fields of materials science, materials engineering and chemistry is focussed on
the technical safety of products and processes.

BAM's research is directed towards substances, materials, building elements,
components and facilities as well as natural and technical systems important for
the national economy and relevant to society. It also tests and assesses their
safe handling and operation. BAM develops and validates analysis procedures and
assessment methods, models and necessary standards and provides science-based
services for the German industry in a European and international framework.

Safety creates markets. 
BAM sets and represents high standards for safety in technology and chemistry
for Germany and its global markets to further develop the successful German
quality culture "Made in Germany".
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More stories: BAM Bundesanstalt für Materialforschung und -prüfung