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  • 28.02.2024 – 08:00

    Bertelsmann Stiftung

    Large majority recognises disinformation as danger to democracy

    Gütersloh/Berlin (ots) - The German population is concerned about disinformation being disseminated deliberately over the internet. They fear that political opinions and elections are being influenced in this way. The political class, civil society and the media must confront this challenge. Comparison with the United States shows that polarisation boosts awareness of ...

  • 16.02.2023 – 08:00

    Bertelsmann Stiftung

    A majority of Europeans believe in a Ukraine victory

    Gütersloh (ots) - One year after Russia began its war of aggression against Ukraine, 61 percent of Europeans are convinced Ukraine will prevail. But worries persist: 68 percent of respondents see the attack on Ukraine as an attack on all of Europe. One year into the war in Ukraine, 61% of Europeans believe that the country will prevail. Germans, however, are not quite so optimistic, although a 55% majority believes in a ...

  • 08.12.2022 – 05:00

    Bertelsmann Stiftung

    Few German businesses recruiting staff abroad, despite skills shortage

    Gütersloh (ots) - Staff bottlenecks in the German economy are on the increase. Staff with vocational training in particular are desperately being sought. Nevertheless, fewer than 20 per cent of companies are employing skilled personnel from abroad. The obstacles to immigration from non-EU countries are still too high. The German economy’s skills shortage is growing ...

  • 12.10.2022 – 11:00

    Bertelsmann Stiftung

    Green and digital transition challenge Europe's cohesion

    Gütersloh/Berlin (ots) - In the future, major European cities and other high-tech regions will pull even further ahead, while rural areas and regions with CO2-intensive industry will lose out. The twin transition - green and digital - that the European Union is striving for will intensify this development. Only EU funding tailored to regions can mitigate the effect. The green and digital transition will fundamentally ...

  • 05.10.2022 – 11:00

    Bertelsmann Stiftung

    Europeans’ support for Ukraine continues unabated

    Gütersloh (ots) - Europeans continue to stand firmly by Ukraine's side. A broad majority supports arms deliveries. The willingness to accept Ukraine into the EU remains high. There is also strong support for the need to become more independent in terms of energy supply - even if this means personal cuts. Nevertheless, these attitudes cannot be taken for granted, as there are initial signs that approval is crumbling. 72 ...