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  • 08.08.2023 – 15:51

    Germany Trade & Invest

    TSMC to Build Multi-Billion-Euro Chip Factory in Germany

    Berlin (GTAI) (ots) - Taiwanese semiconductor manufacturer TSMC plans to construct a massive new production facility in the eastern German city of Dresden. The volume of its Dresden expansion will be at least EUR 10 billion. The new plant for 300-millimeter semiconductors will be located in the heart of the electronics hub often known as “Silicon Saxony.” The German government and the EU will reportedly offer major ...

  • 22.05.2023 – 11:53

    Germany Trade & Invest

    Germany Books Massive Foreign Direct Investment Increase in 2022

    Berlin (ots) - The United States and post-Brexit Britain drove an unprecedented level of FDI in Germany in the past year. Even without a huge investment by chipmaker Intel, the value of business expansion was up considerably. Despite the economic turmoil following Russia’s war on Ukraine, 2022 was a record year for international business expansion to Germany. That’s the conclusion of the annual FDI Report by Germany ...

  • 03.11.2022 – 12:28

    Germany Trade & Invest

    Study Shows US-German Business Fully Recovered from Corona

    Berlin (ots) - The American Chamber of Commerce in Germany’s annual survey of the top 50 US companies in Europe’s largest economy finds trans-Atlantic business back on track after pandemic disruptions. But other challenges remain. “A strong recovery after the difficult Corona year 2020” – that’s the central conclusion of the AmCham Germany’s look at US companies in Germany in 2021. Turnover grew 12.3 percent ...

  • 24.06.2021 – 21:37

    News Direct

    The Latest in Memory Technology Trends from TechInsights and Jeongdong Choe

    Ottawa, ON (ots) - --News Direct-- TechInsights announces that Dr. Jeongdong Choe will be presenting a webinar titled: Memory Technology Highlights from TechInsights 2021. Two broadcasts are scheduled for June 29th; the first at 6am UTC, and the second at 3pm UTC. Due to strong - and growing - demands for memory chips from the storage, mobile, and AIOT markets, major ...