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Changes to the MAHLE Management Board

Changes to the MAHLE Management Board
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- New business unit for electronics and mechatronics
- Strategic orientation toward new powertrain technologies
- Wilhelm Emperhoff to take on new business unit
- Martin Weidlich to join the MAHLE Management Board

Stuttgart/Germany, July 30, 2019 - The MAHLE Group is adding a new business unit for electronics and mechatronics, thereby further developing its strategic orientation toward alternative powertrain technologies. Corresponding changes to the MAHLE Management Board will be effective as of January 1, 2020.

"In taking this step, we're actively reinforcing our innovative strength in the field of alternative drives," says Prof. Dr. Heinz K. Junker, Chairman of the Supervisory Board of MAHLE GmbH. MAHLE has concentrated all its electrics and electronics activities in its Mechatronics division, which has grown significantly in the last few years. "By transferring these activities into a business unit and combining it with the product areas of compressors and pumps for strategic purposes, we are focusing all our efforts on further growth and the ongoing development of our product portfolio for the mobility of the future," adds Dr. Jörg Stratmann, CEO of the MAHLE Group.

Wilhelm Emperhoff (57), who is currently responsible for the Filtration and Engine Peripherals business unit, the Mechatronics division, and the Pumps profit center on the Management Board, has been appointed as head of the new business unit. In the future, this segment will include the present Mechatronics division, the Compressors profit center, and the Pumps profit center.

Martin Weidlich (48) was appointed by the Supervisory Board to succeed Wilhelm Emperhoff as the head of the Filtration and Engine Peripherals business unit and as a new Member of the MAHLE Management Board.

Both of these personnel changes will be effective as of January 1, 2020.

Wilhelm Emperhoff

Wilhelm Emperhoff, born on October 26, 1961, in Regensburg/Germany, graduated as an electronic engineer from Regensburg University of Applied Sciences in 1987. From 1989, he worked in various roles at Siemens Automotive before moving to Continental AG in 2007 to become Executive Vice President of the Gasoline Systems business unit. He served as the Chief Executive Officer of Behr-Hella Thermocontrol GmbH between 2009 and 2012, and has been a Member of the MAHLE Management Board since October 2012.

Martin Weidlich

Martin Weidlich was born in Cologne/Germany on March 5, 1971. Weidlich is a graduate industrial engineer (Dipl.-Wirt.-Ing., FH) and began his career at the Ford Motor Company in 1991. In January 2001, he moved to Getrag Magna Powertrain (formerly Getrag) where he held numerous positions, ultimately acting as Vice President Research & Development and Director Core Engineering from 2010 to 2013. Martin Weidlich joined Benteler Automobiltechnik in January 2014, and is currently the company's Executive Vice President Western Europe.


MAHLE is a leading international development partner and supplier to the automotive industry as well as a pioneer for the mobility of the future. The MAHLE Group is committed to making transportation more efficient, more environmentally friendly, and more comfortable by continuously optimizing the combustion engine, driving forward the use of alternative fuels, and laying the foundation for the worldwide introduction of e-mobility. The group's product portfolio addresses all the crucial issues relating to the powertrain and air conditioning technology-both for drives with combustion engines and for e-mobility. MAHLE products are fitted in at least every second vehicle worldwide. Components and systems from MAHLE are also used off the road-in stationary applications, for mobile machinery, rail transport, as well as marine applications.

In 2018, the group generated sales of approximately EUR 12.6 billion with more than 79,000 employees and is represented in over 30 countries with 160 production locations. At 16 major research and development centers in Germany, Great Britain, Luxembourg, Spain, Slovenia, the USA, Brazil, Japan, China, and India, more than 6,100 development engineers and technicians are working on innovative solutions for the mobility of the future.

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