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08.05.2014 – 20:45

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CIVIS Media Prize 2014 - ten programmes honoured in Berlin

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Berlin (ots)

New CIVIS Cinema Prize goes to "Fack ju Göhte"

Eight European radio and TV programmes as well as one Web portal were honoured on Thursday evening (8.5.) in Berlin with the renowned CIVIS Media Prize for Integration and Cultural Diversity. Two of the awards, which are endowed with prizes of 3,000 Euros per category, went to productions from ORF (Austria). Prizes also went to programmes from BNT (Bulgaria), HR (Germany), KRO-NCRN (Netherlands), SRF (Switzerland), SWR (Germany) and ZDF/Arte (Germany). The "European CIVIS Online Media Prize" was awarded to the video platform "" (Austria). The CIVIS Cinema Prize, awarded for the first time in 2014, was taken by the German school comedy "Fack ju Göthe". Sandra Maischberger was the presenter at the official prize-giving ceremony in the Federal Foreign Office in Berlin. The TV gala was broadcast by ARD/Das Erste and several other European television programmes (Please see below for broadcast times).

For 27 years now, the CIVIS Media Prize has been recognizing programme contributions which promote the peaceful co-existence of people of the most varied national, ethnic, religious or cultural origins. The European competition in 2014 registered a record participation of 709 programmes from 23 EU countries and Switzerland. Patrons of the CIVIS Media Prize 2014 are German Federal President, Joachim Gauck, and the President of the European Parliament, Martin Schulz.

The official prize-giving ceremony was attended by a large number of prominent guests - among them the Federal Government's Integration Commissioner, Minister-of-State Aydan Özoguz, the Minister-of-State for Foregn Cultural Relations in the Foreign Office, Maria Böhmer, the Federal Chairman of Bündnis 90/Die Grünen, Cem Özdemir, TV presenter, Frank Elstner, WDR Director-General, Tom Buhrow, the ARD Chairman and NDR Director-General, Lutz Marmor, the Director-General of Deutschlandradio, Willi Steul, ORF Director-General, Alexander Wrabetz, SRG SSR Director-General, Roger de Weck, the President of the German Savings Banks Association, Georg Fahrenschon, the Director of the 1st German Television, Volker Herres, the Television Director of Westdeutscher Rundfunk, Jörg Schönenborn, der Leiter des ARD-Hauptstadtstudios, Ulrich Deppendorf, the political scientist, Werner Weidenfeld, the Chairman of UFA, Wolf Bauer, media experts, Jo Groebel, Minu Barati-Fischer and Mathias Schwarz from the Deutsche Produzenten Allianz, the Chairman of the WDR Mediagroup Michael Loeb, the Chairman of Constantin Film, Martin Moszkowicz, WDR TV Editor-in-Chief, Sonia Seymour Mikich, TV journalist Cherno Jobatey, Michael Radix, Executive Director of the CIVIS Media Foundation.

The Prize-Winners

The CIVIS Cinema Prize for European feature films in German cinemas, awarded for the first time, went to Bora Dagtekin, Christian Becker, Lena Schömann and Martin Moszkowicz for the school compedy "Fack ju Göhte", produced by Rat Pack Filmproduktion and Constantin Film (Germany). In the public voting in April 2014 via the Internet, the majority of all those participating in the ballot, voted for the witty and fast-paced film. 26,600 Loads were registered in the online voting, with a clear preference for "Fack ju Göhte".

The European CIVIS TV Prize in the Information category (non- fiction) went to the author Ed Moschitz for the documentary "dokfilm: Mama Illegal" (ORF). In it, Ed Moschitz documents the consequences of illegal labour migration and the loss of the home country. The lives of three Moldovan women is sensitively presented. Their fears, the uncertainty of their illegal status - but also the strength and the courage of women. "Mama Illegal shows the enormous differences in levels of prosperity in Europe, exploitation and villages without women, in which children grow up without mothers. A politically important, a shocking film - about people who live concealed in our cities" -judged the jury.

The CIVIS Magazine Prize for short programmes up to 10 minutes went to Kremena Budinova und Svetoslav Draganov for the report . "Small Stories from the Roma world: Hristov family" (BNT). "For ten years, the Bulgarian television programme 'Roma World' has been campaigning against discrimination and for integration. The programme is directed against the passivity of the Roma and demands more self- respect from them. In their short report on the Hristov family, Kremena Budinova and Svetoslav Draganov give an insight into the daily life of a traditional Roma family. There produce very authentic pictures - powerful images and impressive", according to the jury.

The European CIVIS TV Prize in the entertainment category (fiction) went to Martin Ambrosch for the ORF-Tatort "Out for the Count". An exceptional crime thriller which is played out on the milieu of forced prostitution and organized human trafficking. The police commissioners investigate a brutal case: with a twelve-year-old and thus not responsible perpetrator. The police appear powerless in the face of the underground business of human trafficking. In the jury's opinion: "The television film is moving and deeply thought- provoking. The excellent direction and acting performances make a crucial contribution to the outstanding overall impression. A great film".

The European CIVIS Online Media Prize was awarded to Arash T. Riahi und Arman T. Riahi for their new web-platform "" (Golden Girls Filmproduktion & Filmservices GmbH). The unusual video platform, with numerous, even secretly shot videos, audio files, photos, tweets and interviews, offers an elaborate multimedia network of peaceful protest and social change possibilities. The jury's comments: "The imaginative multimedia webpage shows backgrounds to migration movements and calls for cultural diversity. Highly political, outstanding in both content and form, visually impressive. A superb webpage".

The European Young CIVIS Media Prize went to Eline Schellekens for the short film "A home for Lydia" KRO-NCRV (Netherlands). The film documents the everyday life of a little girl who was born in the Netherlands but lives there without a residence permit with her family. Repeatedly, the family is forced to move their home. They live illegally, have no papers. The jury's verdict: "Impressive, sensitive, humorous. A political film - a moral appeal, with an exceptional protagonist".

The German CIVIS Television Prize in the Information category (non-fiction) went to Diana Löbl and Peter Onneken. The long-term report "Extradited! Temporary workers at Amazon" (HR/ ARD) looks behind the glittering facade of and meticulously describes the shadowy world of the online retailer's contract workers. It reveals poor pay and degrading treatment of foreign workers. Intimidation and mistrust. It criticizes working conditions, contract terms and the links to questionable sub-contractors. "An outstanding piece of journalism - with far-reaching political consequences. Impressive craftsmanship", thought the jury.

The German CIVIS TV Prize in the Entertainment category (fiction) this year went to Gabi Blauert, Damir Lukacevic and Gérald Klein fort the film "Transfer - The dream of eternal life" (ZDF/ ARTE). With their science-fiction thriller, the prize-winners deliver a thought-provoking contribution about modern slavery and medical exploitation. The film logically takes the organ trade from the third world a step further and focuses on the theme of the global ranking of ethnic groups. It shows people who can afford everything, but ethically and morally have reached their limits. The jury found it: "Cinematically impressive, with a colour design which is harmonious down to the smallest detail. With wonderful actors and outstanding direction. An extraordinary film".

The European CIVIS Radio Prize in the "Long programme" category (over six minutes) went to Klaus Schirmer for his radio feature "Scrubbing against right-wing extremism. The relentless struggle of a pensioner against Nazi slogans" (SWR). Klaus Schirmer accompanies a pugnacious pensioner on her cleaning tour against stickers bearing Nazi slogans through Berlin and Chemnitz. "Beyond the personal commitment of the protagonist, he produces an atmospherically intense, highly differentiated sound picture of the threatening development of right-wing extremism in Germany. Official ignorance and shortcomings are identified. A great feature - surprising and impressive", was the jury's conclusion.

The European CIVIS Radio Prize in the "Short programme" category (up to six minutes) was awarded to Marc Lehmann for his radio report "Echo der Zeit: Peaceful coexistence between Roma and Czechs" (SRF). "The short report offers an impressive and positive example of successful integration of Roma. "Marc Lehmann presents the peaceful coexistence of Roma and Czechs - without prejudice, precisely and curiously. He produces a diverse audio picture - of high radiophonic quality", was the jury's opinion.

Broadcasting dates - CIVIS Media Prize 2014 
08.05.2014  ARD/Das Erste, 0.00 - 1.15 (Night of 8th/9th April) 
08.05.2014  ORF III Fernsehen, 23.00 - 0.20 
09.05.2014  tagesschau24, 23.15 - 00.30 
10.05.2014  WDR Fernsehen, 8.45 - 10.00 
11.05.2014  3sat, 10.15 - 11.30 

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