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16.05.2013 – 10:29

Kommunalkredit Austria AG

EANS-Adhoc: Kommunalkredit Austria AG
Privatization process not completed on the basis of existing offers

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Today, Kommunalkredit Austria AG (KA) was informed by Finanzmarktbeteiligung
Aktiengesellschaft des Bundes (FIMBAG) which is responsible for the handling of
the privatization process of KA on behalf of the Republic of Austria, that the
privatization process was not completed on the basis of existing offers. A value
preserving transaction for shareholders was not possible in the current market
environment. As a result, KA remains in the ownership of the Republic of

KA was further informed that the Republic of Austria has applied with the
European Commission (EC) not to appoint a divestiture trustee. Conversely, KA
will not effect any new lending activity. Existing as well as committed lending
transactions as well as ongoing refinancing activity will continue.

Language: German, English

Issuer: Kommunalkredit Austria AG
        Tuerkenstrasse 9
        1092 Vienna
Phone:  +43/1/31 6 31-678


XS0285503248, XS0252707624, XS0437341307, AT0000329859, DE0002490505,
XS0373257590, XS0340901908, XS0336932065, XS0302365134, XS0299062389,
XS0289015777, XS0286031777, XS0271821513, XS0270872640, XS0267998481,
XS0266826659, XS0261832942, XS0260020366, XS0255439803, CH0025662831,
XS0253410236, XS0252786669, XS0252593198, DE000A0GPU96, XS0244843511,
XS0241451581, CH0024015452, XS0236776877, XS0235597068, CH0022654518,
CH0022280058, XS0219327524, XS0218834843, XS0218474533, XS0215839019,
XS0215865287, XS0215246546, XS0214981812, XS0214564972, XS0213696916,
XS0213230047, CH0020669583, XS0212122534, XS0211496590, XS0210167218,
XS0205974701, XS0197387953, XS0187975262, XS0186736228, CH0017447787,
XS0180539420, XS0176120268, XS0172076365, XS0166801174, XS0163624504,
XS0160668181, XS0104786263, XS0100920353, AT0000A0H9X0, XS0495988072,
XS0591640155, XS0592235187, XS0632936950, XS0641895577, XS0641895148,
XS0641894927, XS0687890441 

Stock exchanges: Vienna, Luxembourg, Frankfurt, Zurich

Issuer: Kommunalkredit Austria AG
        Tuerkenstrasse  9
        A-1092 Vienna
Phone:  +43 1 31 6 31
FAX:    +43 1 31 6 31 105
Sector: Banking
ISIN:           -

Stockmarkets:   stock market: Vienna
Language:       English

Further inquiry note:
Kommunalkredit Austria AG
Christoph Zoitl
1092 Vienna, Tuerkenstrasse 9
Phone: +43/1/31 6 31-433
Fax: +43/1/31 6 31-505 or 99433

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issuer:      Kommunalkredit Austria AG
             Türkenstraße  9
             A-1092 Wien
phone:       +43 1 31 6 31
FAX:         +43 1 31 6 31 105
sector:      Banking
ISIN:        -
stockmarkets: stock market: Wien 
language:   English

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