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24.08.2012 – 08:01

Rosenbauer International AG

EANS-Adhoc: Rosenbauer International AG
Revenues up again, by 14% to 270.7 Mio EUR; 2012 expected to bring record revenues of over 600 Mio EUR; 2012 earnings being held back by market environment

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|Group key data                      |       |1-6/2012  |1-6/2011  |Change in %|
|Revenue                             |Mio EUR|270.7     |236.7     |+ 14%     |
|EBIT                                |Mio EUR|11.8      |14.0      |(16%)     |
|EBT                                 |Mio EUR|11.9      |14.3      |(17%)     |
|Net profit for the period           |Mio EUR|9.5       |11.4      |(17%)     |
|Earnings per share                  |EUR    |1.2       |1.3       |(8%)      |
|Order intake                        |Mio EUR|280.3     |281.5     |0%        |
|Order backlog as at June 30         |Mio EUR|715.8     |447.5     |+ 60%     |

The Rosenbauer Group boosted its year-on-year shipment volumes in the first
half of 2012, lifting its revenues by 14% to 270.7 Mio EUR (1-6/2011: 236.7 Mio
EUR). This revenue growth is largely attributable to the international
shipments made by Rosenbauer International AG, where capacity utilization
continued to be very strong due to the high volume of orders on hand. The
Group's firms in the USA and Switzerland also achieved higher revenues.
At 11.8 Mio EUR, EBIT was 2.2 Mio EUR down on the previous year (1-6/2011:
14.0 Mio EUR), corresponding to an EBIT margin of 4.4% (1-6/2011: 5.9%). With
the exception of Rosenbauer Schweiz in Switzerland, all segments were affected,
albeit to differing extents.
The Leonding site experienced considerable overutilization of production
capacity in the 1st half of the year, a situation that only eased towards the
end of the reporting period when an additional - leased - production building
was put into service. 
The US segment incurred higher start-up costs in connection with the roll-
out of the new US chassis Commander. Ultimately, the adverse budgetary
situation of the public sector is making it impossible for the cost-increases
at the production locations in Austria and in Germany to be fully passed on in
the form of higher prices. This development is especially true of the new
municipal vehicle AT and has also affected the half-year result.
After a year of consolidation in 2011, the growth trajectory is set to continue
in Financial 2012, with revenues expected to come in at over 600 Mio EUR.
Despite the difficult market environment, characterized by intense price
competition in developed markets, and the temporary additional expense caused
by product start-ups and the high volumes being dealt with in the company's
production operations, Management is aiming for a result above 40 Mio EUR.
Overall, then, from today's perspective the outlook for Financial 2012 is for a

slightly narrower EBIT margin than the year before, of between 6% and 7% (EBIT
margin in 2011: 7.7%).

Further inquiry note:
Rosenbauer International AG
Mag. Gerda Königstorfer
Tel.: 0732/6794-568

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issuer:      Rosenbauer International AG
             Paschingerstrasse 90
             A-4060 Leonding
phone:       +43(0)732 6794 568
FAX:         +43(0)732 6794 89
sector:      Machine Manufacturing
ISIN:        AT0000922554
indexes:     WBI, ATX Prime
stockmarkets: free trade: Berlin, Stuttgart, official market: Wien 
language:   English

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