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18.04.2019 – 17:55


WILEY Solar Solutions for bonding PV module frames and racking together

Manchester, New Hampshire, USA (ots)

BURNDY® has a team to stand behind the green initiatives our customers are focused on to help reduce carbon emissions and make our planet more environmentally safe. As the PV technology has evolved-making solar power even more viable and available-the old grounding solutions aren't proving as effective. Rather, it's enhancements in bonding technology that better suit the industry. To help meet the demand, BURNDY now offers the Wiley WEEB (Washer, Electrical Equipment Bond)-a simple, consistent and low-cost method to bond PV module frames and racking together. The WEEB is inserted between the module frame and mounting rail. When the WEEB's teeth pierce the anodized coating, the results is excellent conductivity without oxidation-bonding the PV module frame with the metal racking structure.


Angela Toppazzini
47 East Industrial Park Drive, Manchester, NH, 03109 USA

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