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Nivalion on the offensive - Swiss litigation funder gains additional attorneys from top law firms

Zug/Munich (ots)

- Nivalion aims to lead the German high-end market and expand into 
Northern Europe
- The litigation funder gains Dr. Stefan Kirsten as Head of Germany &
- Strong growth in Switzerland and Austria

Nivalion AG, one of the financially strongest litigation funding specialists in continental Europe, aims to significantly accelerate its growth in Germany and become market leader in the region. The Swiss company is simultaneously expanding into the Nordic countries, where it also strives to become the Number 1 litigation funder.

To this end, Nivalion will be strengthening its team with Dr. Stefan Kirsten, who will become Head of Germany & Nordics on March 1, 2019. Stefan Kirsten spent nine years (including three years as Counsel) with international law firm Clifford Chance in Frankfurt, Paris and Düsseldorf, where he represented companies, executives and investors in numerous cross-border litigation and arbitration proceedings. In addition, due to his Swedish language skills, he headed Clifford Chance Germany's Nordic Group since 2012 - a position that has allowed him to cultivate an extensive network within Northern Europe. In 2017, Stefan Kirsten founded KIRSTEN. RISK & DISPUTES, a high-end boutique firm specialising in the independent assessment of complex commercial disputes for banks, insurers and, last but not least, litigation funders. By joining Nivalion, he will continue to build upon this specialisation. As Stefan Kirsten states: "The core of my future work at Nivalion will also consist of the independent evaluation of the chances and risks of legal disputes. Both Germany and the Nordic countries are key growth markets for litigation funding, and Nivalion, with its experienced team, financial strength and clear focus on continental European civil law, is excellently positioned within these markets. For me, this new challenge is a logical and exciting next step."

It is not the first time Nivalion has recruited outstanding litigators from the top tiers of law firms. Attorney-at-law Dr. Isabelle Berger-Steiner, who had previously worked for ten years in the litigation teams of the Swiss firms Homburger and Schellenberg Wittmer (most recently as Counsel), joined Nivalion in February 2018, where she is now responsible for Switzerland, France and the Benelux countries. In addition, attorney-at-law Olivia Furter, previously Senior Associate at Schellenberg Wittmer, will further strengthen Isabelle Berger-Steiner's team in April 2019. "Both our management and the rest of the team consist of highly qualified, experienced lawyers. We know the needs and working methods of litigators and can communicate with them on an equal footing. However, this does not change the fact that we do not litigate ourselves, but instead finance the proceedings: The conduct of a case lies exclusively in the hands of the litigation team mandated by the plaintiff," Isabelle Berger-Steiner explains.

As Managing Partner Thomas Kohlmeier emphasises, it is not only the outstanding qualifications of the two new regional market leaders that make the recruitment a success for Nivalion. Just as important for the long-term development of the company are their proven entrepreneurial attitude and international networks: "Isabelle Berger-Steiner and Stefan Kirsten are a perfect addition to our existing team, both professionally and personally. We are one of the most agile litigation funders and have over 25 years of management experience in this field. Yet Isabelle Berger-Steiner and Stefan Kirsten open up completely new prospects for Nivalion, since their expertise and their networks will enable us to quickly and successfully expand our position in the markets relevant to us."

Managing Partner Marcel Wegmüller describes Nivalion's ambitious goals further: "With the help of Stefan Kirsten, we want to intensify Nivalion's growth in Germany as well as significantly strengthen our activities in the Nordics. We expect 25 to 30 % of our business volume to eventually be generated in Germany. Northern Europe is expected to account for 10 to 15 % of our business. Furthermore, we intend to continue growth in our existing core markets of Switzerland and Austria, to expand in France and the Benelux countries and to fund an increasing number of arbitration proceedings in Eastern Europe, as well."

About Nivalion

Nivalion is a leading European provider of funding for litigation and arbitration, enabling companies to manage financial risk in legal disputes. Nivalion has been operational since January 1, 2017 and has offices in Switzerland (Zug) and Germany (Munich).


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