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10.12.2018 – 10:33

Investfinans AB

Huge expectations by entrance into Stock Exchange Market of Investfinans Stockholm

Vällingby (ots)

Stock-market analysts eagerly expect the initial public offering, the shares are highly demanded and the total free float has already been oversubscribed more than twice fold. Preferred shareholders were given commitments of fixed dividends and a discount is planned for premarket investors.

An insider from Bloomberg cited: "Such share could be the most lucrative stock certificate of Sweden over the past decade, it seems that it shall definitely be a candidate to enter into Euronext Paris or London Stock Exchange in the medium term". The rumours of a prospective takeover by an American Investment Company fuelled these presumptions. The Swedish company did not want to comment on the issue however speculators find such a thought quite realistic. Investfinans AB has been long at the centre of takeover speculations by some American fund management companies.

In case this happens a significant jump in the already high traded stock (the strike price is currently 8 to 9 Euros) would be expected and such an event would be a stroke of luck for all shareholders. Analysts state that even without possible merger rumours Investfinans shares might rise up to 15 to 19 Euro in the medium term after the initial public offering.

As Investfinans AB plans to take the company to public on OMX Stockholm Stock Exchange in the third quarter of 2019, its success story seems to peak up next year. According to Bloomberg sources the stock can be placed in London Stock Exchange in the forthcoming quarter.

CEO Björn Magnus Kasholm quoted: "The demand has surpassed our boldest expectations". "We regard this as an opportunity and a responsibility as well towards our clients and business partners. We shall not deviate from the previous course of success," said Investfinans CEO.

As the company informs such shares could be subscribed directly from Investfinans AB for a limited period of time before they are taken to public. Investors also appreciate the cash reserves and the guaranteed dividend yield of Investfinans AB.

Investfinans AB having its registered office in Stockholm is among leading investment companies of Scandinavia in the fields of real-estate consulting, operations-management, factoring and project- development as well.

Private and corporate investors, capital owners, project developers, property developers and real persons are the clients and partners of this company. Investfinans AB's main field of activity is divided into the following sections; construction, real estate and asset portfolio management.

Investfinans AB from among these business units has been specialized in commercial real estate with a clear emphasis on office real estate in Central European capitals.


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