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14.06.2018 – 10:09


PVStream unveils innovative Solar project development automation tool at Intersolar Europe

Riga (ots)

The software can reduce costs of solar projects by up to 70%, it is fully customisable and suited for global use.

PVStream is launching its PV solar project management automation tool Ultimately the software will provide automatisation for the 4 main stages of the solar project lifecycle: lead generation, proposal, design and monitoring - all in one software The software is launching its initial phase at Intersolar Europe: lead generation and proposal tools The proposal and lead analysis phases will be available for demo at the conference The full capabilities of the design tool will be available at the end of 2018, the monitoring tool is scheduled for launch in early 2019 The software is easy to use, fully web-based and hosted in the cloud It is fully customisable across the stages and adapts to, among others, different measurement systems, languages and currencies as well as provides ability to work with different incentives and financing options The tool will be available for demonstration and key staff available for questions at booth B2-139

Munich, Germany, 20-22nd June 2018, Latvia-based solar software company PVStream is unveiling its innovative project management automation software at Intersolar Europe. The software helps to simplify project development for solar projects and reduce costs by automating all the steps involved in solar project management.

The software is composed of 4 parts: lead analysis, commercial proposal generation, design tool and post-installation maintenance and monitoring. The lead analysis and commercial proposal generation tools will be available for demonstration at Intersolar Europe. These tools will become available to the market as part of the PVStream software, which is completely web-based and cloud-hosted. The design tool will be finished by the end of the year, while post installation maintenance part will be available in the first part of 2019.

Julia Kadisa, the Chief Operations Officer at PVStream said: "We developed PVStream after years of experience working with clients in the PV Solar industry, having gained a thorough understanding of their pain points and frustrations. Our objective is to provide a simple, cost-effective solution that cuts costs and contributes to solar energy becoming a reality, even without government support. Our case studies show that savings of up to 70% are possible with PVStream".

The software is fully flexible and customisable, designed to work for a variety of solar projects at different companies. It offers a high degree of customisation at every stage of the process. For instance, within the proposal stage, different payment options can be considered depending on the client. The proposal tool even accounts for the option of using a loan, and gives accurate financial cost representations.

Corporate logos and colours can be incorporated into the proposal tool to tie in with the branding of the company that uses it. Customisation to fit the user's regional settings and business model is also possible with PVStream.

With its coverage of all project stages and its customisation, PVStream is set to be the most complete solution in the market. PVStream will be available as a subscription model at a price comparable to other existing providers.


For more information, please visit PVStream's stand at B2-139 or get
in touch with Lev Bass at

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