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22.06.2016 – 09:25


Ampere Energy at Intersolar 2016 - Press Kit

Ampere Energy at Intersolar 2016 - Press Kit
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Puzol, Valencia, Spain (ots)


Ampere Energy is a Spanish company that manufactures smart energy management systems that use lithium batteries. Its products incorporate a new tool that connects to the market to purchase energy when it is cheaper for consumption later on, enabling the smart management of both the energy acquired from the grid and the solar power produced by the user. A revolutionary formula that provides users the tool they need to enhance their self-consumption and minimize interaction with the electrical grid.


As a result of self-consumption, most of the energy produced will be decentralized in a few years' time. Losses from transmission are avoided, energy poverty is reduced and the use of clean energy is enhanced. Within this context, Ampere Energy is offering devices that can achieve maximum efficiency in PV production, from the storage and purchase of electricity from the grid, at all times ensuring that energy needs are covered, regardless of the weather conditions.


Ampere Energy systems favor a more sustainable and responsible energy consumption by combining our EMS with photovoltaic systems to ensure that users will not only consume 30% of the energy produced by their solar panels but instead, reach up to 90% of self-consumption. Thus, most of the energy stored and used is completely clean and renewable. This power supply benefits users as well as the environment as the result of the "smart power purchase" being accumulated at night when the energy is cheaper, corresponding with 70% of wind power.

These intelligent storage managers are intended to stimulate self-consumption that undoubtedly is the future tool for a more sustainable world.


Ander Muelas, CEO of the company and his team composed mainly of Spanish engineers, aim with this proposition, revolutionize the electric market by offering users the necessary tools to achieve the highest consumption and minimize interaction with the grid.


Ampere Energy is a smart energy manager that adjusts to the consumption profile of each user. Its devices are equipped with a new tool that connects to the electricity market to buy power when it is cheaper and stores it for its subsequent use.

This alternative acts as a support system when PV production is low. Furthermore, thanks to weather forecasts, energy prices and consumption history, the equipment identifies when it needs to connect in smart energy purchase mode. Additionally, this new combination allows users to reduce the initial investment in solar panels.


Ampere energy is not only a product; it's an integrated service that allows users to enjoy intelligent power system without worries.

From the beginning, the company guides users through personalized advice, recommending the equipment and capacity to assure a more efficient consumption. Subsequently, Ampere Energy is responsible for recommending the closest installer, depending on the area where the user is located. The installation is done in just a few hours and on the same day it will be connected and ready to work.

In order to implement intelligent purchasing power, the user must have an hourly discrimination rate. Thus, it is always possible an efficient and sustainable consumption, even if the weather does not allow it.

Once the equipment is installed, users form part of Ampere Community and have a permanent monitoring of the system to ensure optimum performance. In the event that any problems are given, the company will be responsible for contacting the customer and resolving it as soon as possible.


All Ampere Energy products incorporate the software AMPi, which allows having a precise energy control at any time. AMPi does not only manage the user's energy, it carries out personalized recommendations to assure the most efficient consumption.

AMPI monitors the energy that households consume, generate, store and thanks to its predictive system, which will be used during the day. All this data and its historical are available through any smartphone. This information is stored in the user's profile, with consumer habits, weather forecast and grid's demand to achieve maximum energy efficiency.


Ampere Energy's products are all in one, as they have all the elements necessary to operate autonomously. The equipment includes lithium batteries, a bidirectional inverter, a power and energy meter and an intelligent operating system (AMPi). The devices are designed to suit each type of user according to their consumption habits, serving for domestic use as well as commercial, industrial, and also for large projects with different storage capacities.

Ampere Sphere has been designed for households with lower energy expenses. The equipment has a storage capacity of 3kWh, which permits a large coverage of the energy consumption of a small apartment and also serves as a support system for a family home with photovoltaic installations. It's perfect for users who seek the latest in energy technology with an innovative design. Ampere Sphere is Plug & Play, which can be placed anywhere in the house, including in the living room.

To cover higher energy needs, Ampere Square was created with a capacity of 6kwh. This 1m2 unit, 18 cm thick, is ideal for any home that has photovoltaic output that would like to achieve maximum efficiency from their installation. We also offer the possibility to begin with 3 kWh and expand to 6 kWh.

Ampere Tower has a capacity of between 9 and 12 kWh, designed for homes with higher energy expenditure. When combined with photovoltaic production, the installation is able to come close to achieving energy independence. It is the perfect equipment for isolated homes and small businesses with a high level of consumption as several units can be installed in parallel to achieve the required capacity.

Ampere Energy also develops custom projects for large consumption in order to adapt to each user's profile and achieve energy savings and efficiency.


Ampere energy is an all in one unit that in one single device incorporates lithium batteries, two-way inverter (prepared for PV input) and a switchboard for the AMPi software, in short, every component required for it to operate. The installation is very straightforward. First the PV panels that work with the inverter are connected and the output current of the unit goes directly to the electric switchboard in the home or business. The whole process takes barely an hour, with the assistance of certified professional installers.


In case of a failure in the power grid, Ampere Energy's products have a backup system, which responds automatically to the user and ensure continuity in their activity. This system is a great support for both residential use and for large-scale consumers.

During a power outage, the system maintains its power during the following few hours, providing a continuous supply of energy and eliminating the need to seek another temporary solution. In these cases, the owners of these establishments can obtain a great return on their investment and also, ensure the quality and continuity of electricity service.

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