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04.03.2004 – 11:11

SAS Institute

SAS at CeBIT 2004: Leading business intelligence provider presents numerous new solutions in Hall 4, Booth D58

Heidelberg (ots)

SAS, the leading business intelligence
provider, will present its latest business intelligence (BI)
solutions at CeBIT in Hall 4, Booth D58. Particular focuses of
attention will be the aspects of regulatory management
(implementation, administration and monitoring of legal guidelines),
customer relationship management and IT portfolio management. Another
highlight of the SAS CeBIT stand will be SAS 9. The new version of
the SAS system sets new standards in managing BI environments -
especially with regard to operability, manageability, integrability
and scalability. SAS will be presenting visitors to its CeBIT booth
with its all-embracing BI portfolio, which meets both analytical and
operative BI requirements and represents the trade fair's most
comprehensive overview of the latest offerings in the BI market for
all industry sectors.
SAS's presence at CeBIT 2004 will be considerably larger than the
previous year. The world's fifth-largest independent software house -
and the largest in private hands - is consciously treading a
different path from some other industry giants. The background to
this is the company's past experience at CeBIT. The trade fair is not
only an international meeting point for the BI industry and its
customers, it has also proved an important business factor for SAS,
through which the company initiates a significant portion of its
German and European business endeavors.
In the area of regulatory management, the center of attraction at
the SAS CeBIT booth will be solutions that not only ensure that
companies are able to react to legal requirements but that also give
them the edge over the competition and enable them to actively
control their dealings. The SAS regulatory management portfolio
includes solutions for controlling and monitoring Basle II,
Sarbanes-Oxley and KonTraG provisions, guidelines governing liability
and cash flows to uncover money laundering.
SAS 9, the SAS BI platform, supports companies with new functions
facilitating the establishment of data warehouses and management of
complex BI landscapes. It includes the option of a central metadata
repository and company-wide maintenance via a management console as
well as clear role concepts and web-based query and reporting tools
for all user groups. SAS 9 supports all relevant industry standards
and is ideally suited for integrating both legacy applications and
third-party data sources and front ends. In addition, SAS analytic
capabilities can be integrated into Microsoft Office applications.
SAS will also present solutions at CeBIT that actively support IT
departments in portfolio management. Thanks to the end-to-end IT cost
management offered by SAS, IT managers can for example make precise
evaluations of transaction costs of process-specific systems such as
SAP. At the same time, SAS can also be used to gage costs for
process-neutral uses such as those incurred through office and Web
applications. This knowledge forms the basis for strategic IT
decisions with regard to insourcing and outsourcing, for example, and
thus represents the foundation for efficient IT control with SAS. The
SAS booth will also be demonstrating SAS Service Level Management,
SAS IT Resource Management and the SAS IT Management Solution Adapter
for SAP R/3 - the SAS solution for consistent capacity planning, for
ensuring system availability, for keeping to agreed response times
and for further planning and management tasks in SAP R/3 systems.
Among the solutions for "customer intelligence" are SAS Marketing
Optimization, SAS Marketing Automation and SAS Interaction
Management. These three solutions for various tasks connected with
campaign management create the link between analytic and operative
CRM while covering the entire CRM cycle, from the data analysis, to
planning and executing campaigns, right up to success monitoring. In
addition, SAS will be presenting its entire portfolio of CRM
solutions that help companies acquire and retain customers, to
develop their potential and to recognize and prevent early on any
signs of customer churn.
"We are delighted to have in SAS such a staunch proponent of the
fair", said Dr. Eberhard Roloff, head of media and PR at Deutsche
Messe AG, CeBIT's organizers. "For over 30 years, CeBIT has been the
principal industry meeting place for the entire IT world, and nothing
has changed in this respect. That's why I also view the importance
given to the cancellation of some few companies as exaggerated.
Actually, business intelligence is one the most important management
topics at CeBIT, since it shows firms the way to the future. In the
last few years, business intelligence has proved itself as an
innovative force that has driven forward all aspects of IT and thus
our trade fair enormously."
"We will continue to view CeBIT as the year's most important IT
event and our most significant communications platform", said Jürgen
Fritz, Director of Marketing & Strategy at SAS. "We have also done
good business in Hanover for years. I can't fathom why some companies
are staying away. We will intensify our use of CeBIT to strengthen
our business."
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About SAS
SAS is the market leader in providing a new generation of business
intelligence software and services that create true enterprise
intelligence. SAS solutions are used at more than 40,000 sites --
including 90 percent of the Fortune 500 -- to develop more profitable
relationships with customers and suppliers; to enable better, more
accurate and informed decisions; and to drive organizations forward.
SAS is the only vendor that completely integrates leading data
warehousing, analytics and traditional BI applications to create
intelligence from massive amounts of data. For nearly three decades,
SAS has been giving customers around the world The Power to Know(R).
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