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PureCircle and Brenntag Food & Nutrition enter into partnership to bring next generation stevia to Vietnam

Dear all,

Please find attached the press release of Brenntag Food & Nutrition regarding its partnership with PureCircle to bring next generation stevia to Vietnam.

For further information please see the press release. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have further questions.

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Svenja Konradt

Essen, January 23, 2020

PureCircle and Brenntag Food & Nutrition enter into partnership to bring next generation stevia to Vietnam

PureCircle, the world's leading producer and innovator of great-tasting stevia sweeteners for the global beverage and food industries, and Brenntag Food & Nutrition, a global leader in ingredients distribution, announce a new partnership in which Brenntag Vietnam will become PureCircle's new distributor of great-tasting stevia leaf ingredients in Vietnam.

Using its strong presence in the Vietnam market, Brenntag Food & Nutrition will now offer PureCircle's stevia leaf ingredients to food and beverage companies, enabling them to use naturally sourced, plant-based solutions to reduce sugar and artificial sweeteners in their products.

"For our dedicated Food & Nutrition team in Vietnam this partnership is an excellent opportunity to distribute high-quality stevia to our business partners. By taking this step, PureCircle and Brenntag Food & Nutrition meet the increasing demand of stevia in this growing market and complement one another with their service offering. We can prove that we are engrained in the local culture and can make use of our local network," states Margaret Chua, Vice President Brenntag Food & Nutrition Asia Pacific.

PureCircle's next generation stevia sweeteners offer a clean, sugar-like taste and are made from the stevia leaf. Through its innovative R&D on stevia, PureCircle vastly increased its capacity to supply non-GMO certified, next generation stevia leaf ingredients, like Reb M, at cost-effective prices.

"We are delighted to join forces with Brenntag Food & Nutrition to assist us in providing food and beverage companies with the highest quality stevia ingredients. Brenntag Food & Nutrition has a great reputation as industry leader in ingredient distribution. Our new business alliance combines strong capabilities of both partners to distribute our great-tasting stevia leaf ingredients in Vietnam. We can now offer customers high purity plant-based ingredients which appeal to consumers seeking to improve their health and wellness," states Navneet Singh, Vice President and Head of Asia Pacific Region at PureCircle.

About Brenntag Food & Nutrition:

Brenntag Food & Nutrition, part of the Brenntag Group, is a leading provider of food ingredients to the marketplaces around the globe. We built a reputation of partnering with the best suppliers of ingredients and additives and deliver right to our customers' needs and requirements. With more than 900 dedicated employees, a presence in 76 countries and 28 application and development centers, Brenntag Food & Nutrition provides technical expertise, tailor-made formulation and application solutions, a broad portfolio of specialty and commodity ingredients and profound industry know-how in the segments meat, poultry & fish processing, bakery & bread, dairy & ice cream, beverages, chocolate & confectionary, convenience food and fruit & vegetable processing. Brenntag Food & Nutrition makes its business partners "Sense the difference".

About PureCircle:

- PureCircle is the only company that combines advanced R&D with full vertical 
  integration from farm to high quality, great-tasting innovative stevia 
- The Company collaborates with farmers who grow the stevia plants and with food
  and beverage companies, which seek to improve their low- and no-calorie 
  formulations using a sweetener from plants. 
- PureCircle will continue to: lead in research, development and innovation; 
  produce a growing supply of multiple varieties of stevia sweeteners with 
  sugar-like taste, using all necessary and appropriate methods of production; 
  and be a resource and innovation partner for food and beverage companies. 
- PureCircle stevia flavor modifiers work in synergy with sweeteners to improve 
  the taste, mouthfeel and calorie profile, and enhance the cost effectiveness, 
  of beverage and food products.
- Founded in 2002, PureCircle is continually investing in breakthrough research 
  and development and it currently has 200 stevia-related approved patents and 
  250 pending. 
- PureCircle has offices around the world with the global headquarters in 
  Chicago, Illinois. 
- To meet growing demand for stevia sweeteners, PureCircle is rapidly ramping up
  its supply capability. It completed expansion of its Malaysian stevia extract 
  facility in March 2017, increasing its capacity to rapidly supply the newer 
  and great-tasting specialty stevia sweeteners and helping provide 
  ever-increasing value to its customers.
- PureCircle's shares are listed on the main market of the London Stock 
- For more information, visit:  
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