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  • 17.03.2022 – 07:00

    EW Nutrition receives FAMI-QS certification in Australia

    Singapore (ots) - With the implementation and maintenance of their Feed Safety and Quality Management System, including Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP), EW Nutrition has achieved FAMI-QS certification for its management system in Australia. FAMI-QS is a pre-eminent quality and feed safety management system for the sector of specialty feed ingredients and their mixtures. It is the worldwide leading accredited scheme for ...

  • 14.01.2022 – 02:00

    EW Nutrition showcases innovative solutions at International Dairy Week 2022

    Singapore (ots) - EW Nutrition will participate in Australia’s International Dairy Week (IDW) in Tatura, Victoria, from January 16 to 20, 2022. Visitors will learn about innovative solutions for ruminant nutrition. Located at Site 37,EW Nutrition also invites attendees to explore topics such as toxin risk management and respiratory issues. “We are excited to be ...

  • 01.11.2021 – 07:00

    EW Nutrition achieves PCAS Certification in Australia

    Singapore (ots) - EW Nutrition has successfully passed an external audit conducted by the Cattle Council of Australia (CCA) and achieved Pasturefed Cattle Assurance System (PCAS) certification for three products: Activo Premium, Mastersorb Gold, and Prote-N. The PCAS is a certification program that enables grassfed cattle producers to prove claims relating to pasturefed or grassfed production methods. EW Nutrition also ...

  • 18.10.2021 – 14:45

    EW Nutrition launches Ventar D, the next-generation gut health optimizer

    Visbek (ots) - EW Nutrition announces the launch of a best-in-class next generation gut health modifier. Ventar D is an innovative proprietary blend of phytomolecules with a novel delivery mechanism. Ventar D addresses key requirements of the animal nutrition industry. The product has been formulated to support gut health and improve performance, resulting in an ...

  • 28.09.2021 – 16:33

    EW Nutrition launches Pretect D to support poultry gut health during challenging periods

    Visbek (ots) - EW Nutrition announces the launch of a novel gut health solution for poultry. Pretect D, a proprietary blend of phytomolecules, helps maintain bird performance and farm profitability. Trials indicate that Pretect D offers natural support even during Eimeria-related challenges, making it an effective addition to programs focused on gut health issues. ...

  • 23.08.2021 – 16:57

    Harvest to bring significant quality challenges for feed, says EW Nutrition

    VISBEK, GERMANY (ots) - Bad news for feed producers: after supply chain disruptions and raw material unavailability, now weather-related challenges in Europe will most likely affect this year’s crop quantity and quality. Cold temperatures, heatwaves, tornados, and hailstorms are expected to adversely affect the quality and quantity of the harvest. The moisture ...

  • 21.06.2021 – 19:39

    EW Nutrition launches phytogenic solution for respiratory support in the Philippines

    Singapore (ots) - EW Nutrition, an international player in the animal nutrition industry, has revealed Grippozon as its respiratory health solution in the Philippines. Grippozon, already successful in various international markets, prevents and mitigates respiratory challenges in farm animals and reduces the possibility of viral challenges from developing into ...