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ESMO announces annual medical oncology congress platform in Europe from 2016

Lugano, Switzerland (ots)

The European Society for Medical Oncology, the pan-European association representing medical oncologists in Europe and beyond, has announced that it will be organising an annual Congress in Europe from 2016.

A record 19,809 participants from 134 countries gathered at ESMO 2014 in Madrid to hear the results of trials which included practice-changing research across tumour types. Abstract submission saw a 24% increase since the last ESMO Congress in 2012.


"What ESMO 2014 highlighted was how important our Congress has become as a platform for presenting the results of studies which will have a direct impact on the treatment and care of cancer patients," said ESMO President Rolf Stahel.

The meeting presents an invaluable opportunity for medical oncologists and other healthcare professionals from many related fields to come together, learn about the latest research and share best practice. "Holding an annual Congress will allow ESMO to accommodate the rapid pace of progress in our field and to fulfil its mission of promoting education and disseminating knowledge to guarantee the best patient care," Stahel continued.

An annual Congress will also enable ESMO to build on the close collaborations already established with its many partners, including national oncology societies in Europe and worldwide and other international organisations which already play a significant role in many ESMO activities.

"Closer collaborations and stronger working relationships are becoming increasingly important in facilitating a truly integrated approach to cancer treatment and patient care, and we look forward to working with all our partners in the best interests of cancer patients," said Fortunato Ciardiello, ESMO President-Elect.

ESMO believes the time has come for oncology to speak with a stronger, unified voice at a European level.

"As a Founding Member of ECCO, we see a real opportunity for ECCO to develop its important oncopolicy role," said Paolo Casali, ESMO Executive Board member responsible for ESMO's public policy.

"By working in consultation with its member societies to determine the most critical issues across disciplines, there is real scope for ECCO to represent the wider oncology community on important multidisciplinary issues, as well as to supporting the initiatives of its individual members," Casali continued.

In addition to the annual Congress in Europe, ESMO has already announced that it will be hosting its first regional Congress in Asia, in Singapore in December 2015. The meeting will play a key role in improving access to the latest information in the region, particularly for those unable to take part in educational events in Europe.

Stahel concluded: "As ESMO celebrates its 40th anniversary, the decisions we are taking today will ensure we are best placed to support and promote excellence in our field, to meet the needs of our members, the wider oncology community and cancer patients in the years ahead, not just within Europe, but across the globe."

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