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13.06.2012 – 09:00

skytron energy GmbH

In Complete Charge - skytron's Plant Controller Integrates PV Power into the French High-Voltage Grid

Berlin, Germany (ots)

For the first time, in March 2012, the power plant controller skycontrol is installed and commissioned in a photovoltaic installation that feeds directly into France's 63 kV high-voltage grid. Drawing from its solid experience in the control of utility-scale PV plants connected to medium-voltage grids, the Berlin-based company skytron® energy GmbH fine tunes the plant controller of the 34 MWac PV power plant in the south-west of France to the stringent grid connection specifications of RTE, the French transmission system operator. In addition to the control functions that by now are standard to the plant controller, such as active power curbing and power factor adjustment, the controller is empowered to meet a number of new challenges.

The four plant sections spaced from each other as far as 30 kilometres require active compensation of the reactive power load caused by long cable lines. Another trying task is the injection of reactive power into the grid for voltage stabilization, and this even at nights when no power is being generated. This is ensured by meticulously adapted control algorithms and phase-shift capability of the inverters. A further important aspect: frequency control makes sure that the frequency stays within the predefined characteristics and power generation is throttled in the event of overfrequency.

During on-site commissioning and on-grid test runs, the controller was finely tuned to follow a comprehensive plant simulation model. "First we were a little apprehensive. For everybody involved, these control requirements meant treading new trails", admits Gerald Freymann, Technical Manager of GP Joule, the EPC contractor for the entire project. "But our minds were quickly set at rest by the flexibility of the power plant controller. Right now we are in the approval phase during which we have to provide the plant's logged and recorded control responses to the French RTE company. We are confident to pass this final test."

Following this successful completion of controlled PV power feed-in, skytron energy GmbH is now installing another power plant controller in a 40 MWp project in the south-east of France, this time injecting into RTE's 225 kV grid. "We are happy about the growing importance of photovoltaic power plants connected to France's high-voltage grid. And with the controllable provision of PV power we make an important contribution to grid stability," explains Marco Wirnsberger, Managing Director of skytron® energy GmbH. "To date, our company has equipped 1.3 GW of installed PV capacity with the skycontrol plant controller, which clearly puts us on the market leading scale."

skytron® energy GmbH
is a Berlin-based company developing fully integrated monitoring, 
control and supervision solutions for utility-scale photovoltaic 
power plants.  Their power plant controller skycontrol is a nominee 
for this year's Intersolar Award at the Intersolar Europe in Munich. 
GP Joule PV GmbH & Co. KG
is a German EPC company developing Renewable Energy projects 
worldwide.  GP Joule is the principal developer and constructor of 
the described 30 MW photovoltaic project in the south-west of France,
connected to RTE's high-voltage grid. 


skytron energy GmbH
Ms. Darija Jezidzic

For additional information on PV power plant control, please contact:
skytron energy GmbH, or +49 (0)30 688 31 600

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