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31.10.2004 – 20:01

Marseille-Kliniken AG

euro adhoc: Marseille-Kliniken AG
Annual Reports
5% increase in sales during the fiscal year 2003/2004 to € 200.1 million Fundings for the Rehabilitation division depress total result to DVFA (IAS) to € 7.5 million (previous year: € 8.5 million) 1.

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Marseille-Kliniken AG (Prime Standard, ISIN DE 0007783003, MKA)
increased sales in the fiscal year 2003/04 by 5% to € 200,1  million
(previous year: € 191.1 million). The earnings to DVFA/SG (HGB)
amounted to € 7,5 million facing € 8,5 million in the previous year. 
The earnings per share came to € 0.62 (previous year: € 0.70). The
earnings to DVFA/SG (IFRS) amounted to € 7.6 million in the period
reported upon (previous year: € 8.2 million).
The explanation for the decline in results, mainly due to the
cyclical downturn resulting in declining demand within the
Rehabilitation division, which Marseille-Kliniken AG could not
withdraw itself. The division concluded, closed with a capacity
output of 76.6% (previous year: 83%) generated by the five
psychosomatic units with a turnover of € 53.1 million (previous year:
€ 61.7 million) and a loss of € -4.0 million. (previous year € -1.7
million). The group-occupancy rate was down from 92,1% to 90,0%.  The
negative operative results of the extraordinary depreciation reserve
of corporate assets as well as the severance liability schemes in
this region have caused the greatest fraction of the € -8,8 million
(previous year: € 13.6 million) within the ordinary business
Within the core Care division, which covers 76% of the total bed
capacity, there have been further positive increased development in
sales and results. The Marseille-Kliniken AG achieved a growth in
this division of € 18.7 million in comparison to € 128.3 turnover
during the previous year.  The earnings to DVFA/SG (HGB) have
experienced an increase of € 1.3 million from € 10.2 million to €
11.5 million.  The utilization rate of 94.3% due to facility
restructuring, was only insignificantly under the previous year ratio
of 95.4%. The expansion of the Care division is continuously being
upheld. A further facility was opened in the year reported upon, thus
the total numbers of facilities within the group have risen from 57
to 58, whilst the number of beds rose from 7.261 to 7.512. Three
further facilities, with a total of 550 beds, are in amidst of
The Marseille-Kliniken AG regards the declining trend during the last
fiscal year as a temporary development only and therefore continues
its shareholder-friendly dividend policy. The Managing Board and the
Supervisory Board will propose payment of an unchanged dividend of
EUR 0.40 per share for fiscal 2003/04 to the Shareholders’ Meeting.
1.  Quarter 2004/2005
In the first quarter of the current fiscal year (July 1- September
30) the Group sales decreased by 0.5% to € 50.8 million (previous
year:  € 51.3 million) due to the development within the
Rehabilitation division.
While sales in the Care division, which is the company’s core
division, grew by € 1,5 million to € 37.2 million (previous year: €
35.7 million), sales in the Rehabilitation division declined by € 2.0
million to € 13.6 million (previous year: € 15.6 million).
Although corporate capacities decreased, in comparison to the year
earlier quarter, from 91.4% to 90.1%, the total results, to DVFA/SG
(IFRS), are stabile with € 3.2 million as in the year earlier period.
 In the 1. Quarter, the result per share was € 0.26 (previous year €
This outcome reflects the high yield capacity of the Care division,
which has once again expanded its results by € 0.6 million to € 3.7
million.  The Rehabilitation field is still weakened by the situation
relating to cyclical situation as well as the market adjustment
processes.  The result of € – 0.8 million (previous year: € -0.1
million) remains negative.
The growth strength and profitability of the core division Care
compensates for the Rehabilitation division´s clearly weaker
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