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11.03.2021 – 14:00

Musikhochschule Lübeck

University of Music Luebeck to host international symposium on Fausto Romitelli

Lübeck (ots)

The University of Music Luebeck is staging an international symposium on the Italian composer Fausto Romitelli on April 17 and 18. The former shooting star of the New Music scene will be the focus of lectures and concerts providing an insight into his ecstatic soundscapes under the title “The Sound-Lab of Professor Bad Trip”. This will be the first German symposium devoted exclusively to Romitelli’s music and will be broadcast live via

Fausto Romitelli’s untimely death in 2004 at the age of 41 brought an abrupt end to a meteoric career. International experts along with Luebeck researchers will devote themselves to Romitelli’s oeuvre for two days. They will illuminate his critique of the modern, his musical aesthetics and his compositional technique from different perspectives.

Born in Gorizia in 1963, Romitelli received his artistic training from Franco Donatoni in Italy and from Hugues Dufourt and Gérard Grisey in France. From this starting point he developed his inimitable musical language, which he himself characterised as “obsessive, repetitive and visionary”. Project leader and MHL Professor for Musical Theory Oliver Korte explains: “We will show with our symposium how much there is still to be discovered in Romitelli’s expressive soundscape, characterised as it is by inroads into rock and punk. His mature compositions are today part of the standard New Music repertoire.”

Apart from MHL academics and students of musical theory, there will be notable guest speakers from across the whole of Europe, including Prof. Alessandro Arbo (Strasbourg), Prof. Ingrid Pustijanac (Pavia), Prof. Pascal Decroupet (Nice), Simone Beneventi (Reggio Emilia) and Prof. Juergen Tchorz (Luebeck). Two concerts, each starting at 7:30 pm, will provide a taste of Romitelli’s creative work, from the world premiere of an early work for seven flutes to his famous triptych “Professor Bad Trip, Lesson I-III”.

The symposium and the concerts will be broadcast live via The option of participating at the venue is also available to an expert audience following registration by email to Information on the programme may be found on the MHL website at


Prof. Dr. Oliver Korte

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