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OHB CEO Marco Fuchs welcomes ESA ministers' resolutions on Europe's future in space

Marco Fuchs: "Roadmap for further financing of space programmes for German industry appreciated"

Bremen - Marco Fuchs, CEO of the technology and space technology company OHB SE and Vice President Space Technology of the German Aerospace Industries Association (BDLI), welcomed the resolutions for a vision for Europe's future in space adopted yesterday by the ESA member states' ministers responsible for space travel at their interim meeting in Madrid. "The German space industry is particularly pleased with the timetable for further sustainable and efficient financing and implementation of space programs," said Fuchs. The joint declaration by the ministers on unrestricted support for the European launch industry and thus for the Ariane 6 and Vega C programmes was an important signal to ensure Europe's competitive and independent access to space also in the future.

The ministers' decisions to continuously develop the European Earth observation program Copernicus further and to position Europe as a key player in the exploration of space - on the moon and further to Mars - confirmed OHB's strategic orientation in this area. "The OHB Group's ongoing activities in this area have also been confirmed by a clear statement on the significantly increased importance of protecting the Earth from dangers from space, such as space weather and near-earth objects as well as space debris. I was particularly pleased with the agreement reached in Madrid between ESA and the Italian space agency ASI to continue their cooperation on the so-called fly-eye telescope. This special high-performance facetted telescope is currently being built by our subsidiary OHB Italia in Milan and is due to be erected at the Monte Mufara site in Sicily in 2019." The Fly Eye is intended to detect asteroids that could approach Earth and collide with it.

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