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26.06.2003 – 11:00

Audi AG

250,000th Audi leaves Audi Hungaria production line

250,000th Audi leaves Audi Hungaria production line
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Györ/Ingolstadt (ots)

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AUDI HUNGARIA MOTOR Kft. in Györ (Hungary) built its 250,000th
vehicle yesterday. This landmark Audi is a silver TT Roadster 1.8T
with an output of 165 kW (225 bhp), built for the American market.
Assembly of the Audi TT in Györ started in the first half of 1998.
Over 13,000 of the TT Coupé were built in the very first year of
production, and over 142,000 of this model have left the production
line to date. It was joined in autumn 1999 by the TT Roadster, of
which more than 71,000 have since been built in Hungary. The vehicle
product range was extended at the start of 2001. Up until early 2003,
Audi Hungaria in addition assembled a total of 36,453 of the Audi A3
and S3 on behalf of AUDI AG.
The Audi TT is built jointly by AUDI AG and the Györ plant; it is
assembled at Györ and exported to over 40 different countries. Over
EUR 50 million have been invested in vehicle production operations at
AUDI HUNGARIA MOTOR Kft., a fully-owned subsidiary of AUDI AG, was
established in 1993. AUDI HUNGARIA, based in Györ, is the principal
engine manufacturer within the Audi Group; it is Hungary's largest
investor and exporter, and one of the highest-revenue enterprises in
the country.
Note: a photo to mark the jubilee is available via dpa/obs. Press
photos of Audi HUNGARIA MOTOR Kft. can be downloaded from the websiteépek.
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