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13.12.2001 – 10:00

Audi AG

One year of Audi Forum Ingolstadt

One year of Audi Forum Ingolstadt
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    - Cross-reference: photo was sent via satellite and is available

    Ingolstadt (ots)

    * Around 400,000 visitors since official opening     * Several awards for museum mobile     * Redesigned Audi Shop in Customer Center

    The Audi Forum Ingolstadt is celebrating its first anniversary. Around 400,000 customers and visitors have been to this world of experience and service since the forum had its official opening on 15 December 2000. 110,000 of this total took part in a factory tour. As Dr. Franz-Josef Paefgen, Chairman of the Board of Management of AUDI AG, remarked: "With the Audi Forum Ingolstadt we have created a special attraction for our customers, our 50,000 or so employees worldwide and, at the same time, for the Ingolstadt region."

    250,000 visitors to the museum mobile - several awards

    250,000 people have visited the museum mobile at the Audi Forum Ingolstadt since it opened. This makes the Audi museum one of the most visited museums in Germany in its very first year. According to a survey conducted by the Institute for Museum Studies in Berlin, only 28 of the 520 or so natural science and technical museums in Germany had more than 100,000 visitors in 1999.

    The museum mobile has also received several awards this year, including the "red dot:grand prix", the top design award presented by the famous North Rhine-Westphalia Design Centre, and the Silver Award bestowed by the Art Director Club of New York. The museum mobile was voted "Museum of the Year" by the magazine "Classic Cars". The museum catalogue and brochures received the Berliner Type 2001 Silver Award and the Bronze Award of the Art Directors Club of Germany. The "Annual Multimedia Yearbook 2002" names the website of the Audi Forum Ingolstadt at one of the best multimedia productions of 2001.

    With more than 50 cars and 30 motorcycles and bicycles, the Audi museum mobile presents the history of Audi and its precursors Audi, DKW, Wanderer and NSU, which dates back over 100 years.

    Temporary exhibition: "Childhood on the move - pedal cars for children"

    Around 30 pedal cars from the last 100 years - made of wood, metal and plastic, chrome-plated and painted - are currently on show on the special floor for temporary exhibitions in the museum mobile. The exhibition "Childhood on the move - pedal cars for children", featuring exhibits from the German Museum of Technology in Berlin, is on show until the end of February 2002.

    Vehicle collection at the Audi Customer Center - rising trend

    Since 1992, Audi customers have been able to collect their new car directly from Audi at its Customer Center and also tour production in the factory. Around 63,000 cars were handed over to their new owners this year at the Audi Customer Center. Some 250 vehicles are collected each day, increasing to up to 370 a day in busy periods.

    Audi Shop reopens in the Customer Center

    The completely redesigned Audi Shop opened at the beginning of the week, now covering more than 200 square metres on the first floor of the Customer Center. Here customers and visitors can lose themselves in the emotional world of Audi and choose between products in the Audi collection - lifestyle articles from the Audi brand - and Audi accessories, from child seats to exclusive wheels. The Audi Shop, with its modern, light-flooded ambience, is fashioned in the typical Audi colours and materials. As the "mastershop" it is a model for the design of Audi forums and Audi dealerships worldwide.

    350,000 guests at the Mövenpick catering establishments - numerous events

  Around 350,000 guests have visited the Mövenpick catering establishments - the "Marché" and "Avus" restaurants and the "Bar & Lounge" - in the link building between the Customer Center and the museum mobile since the Audi Forum opened.

    Since last December, over 100 national and international events with more than 20,000 guests have been held at the Audi Forum Ingolstadt. These include events in the series "Summer Concerts between Danube and Altmühl", jazz concerts, press presentations and conferences. The "After Work Jazz Lounge" held every Thursday from 6.30 p.m. in the "Bar & Lounge" in the Mövenpick building has been particularly successful.

    Communication and service at the Audi Forum

    The glass building "Market and Customer", which was officially opened in September 1999, opposite the museum houses offices for more than 600 Audi Marketing, Sales and Public Relations employees as well as service facilities for Audi customers and visitors, for example the Audi Bank direct, the insurance service VWV, a travel agent, the employee vehicle centre and Audi personnel service.

    The Audi Forum Ingolstadt, which stands on a site measuring around 77,000 square metres, consists of architecturally independent buildings each featuring typical design elements in keeping with their function. Audi invested a total of around DM 170 million in expanding and structuring the site. The Audi Forum Ingolstadt includes the following elements:

    * The round building of the museum mobile, over 22 metres high     * The Customer Center in typical Audi hangar architecture for customers collecting their new vehicle in person, with redesigned Audi Shop.     * The two buildings are linked by the Central Audi Reception and the Mövenpick restaurants.     * The triangular "Market and Customer" office and service building.     * At the centre of the forum are the Piazza, a large square for events and activities, and the Piazzetta, a small park with trees and shrubs, water features and lawns.

    Audi is an international developer and manufacturer of high-quality cars. In 2000 the company sold more than 650,000 Audi models. The sales revenues of the Audi Group totalled DM 39 billion. The Audi Group currently has more than 50,000 employees.

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