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17.01.2019 – 13:41

EUROEXPO Messe- und Kongress GmbH

LogiMAT 2019 - First-hand logistics software

LogiMAT 2019 - First-hand logistics software
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At the 17th annual LogiMAT, the software industry is turning to the key trends of system integration and data analytics with products to help achieve digital transformation and manage streamlined processes. Increasingly, this involves methodologies and procedures of artificial intelligence, including machine learning and neural network integration.

What will the future bring? The omnipresent theme of digital transformation occupies tech consumers like almost no other issue today. Innovative sensors for the internet of things, lightning-fast computers and processors, storage capacities, and algorithms that further automate software processes themselves - all this is ushering in an entirely new era for automation and digital innovation. Information technology is key to efficiently processing the collected data, managing the processes, and tapping into the added value and competitive edge that these new technological innovations offer.

You can find an excerpt from the supporting programme with expert forums translated into English here:

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