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Einhell Delphi study “Home 2030” – Expert panel presents potential scenarios

Einhell Delphi study “Home 2030” – Expert panel presents potential scenarios
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Your “own four walls” – for everyone, these words have always carried high emotional significance, both as a place of safe refuge and as space for self-realization. But will this stay the same? And how is the significance of “home” set to potentially change against the background of the four key drivers of change: progressive digitalization, an aging society, challenges due to climate change, and the impact of globalization? Answers to these questions are provided by the current Einhell Delphi study “Home 2030,” which has been conducted by WHU Otto Beisheim School of Management on behalf of Einhell Germany AG.

High-ranking panel of experts

Landau an der Isar, November 25, 2021 – 60 renowned experts from a wide range of fields relating to the concept of the “home” – from architects and journalists to owners and managers of DIY stores as well as media professionals, tool manufacturers, and renowned scientists – have all contributed their point of view to the Einhell Delphi study and developed potential scenarios to study the importance and meaning of our own homes in the year 2030. Unlike studies based on surveys, in a Delphi study selected experts discuss pre-formulated future projections and assess the likelihood of these projections coming to be. “For the results of the study, it was important to draw on experts from wide-ranging social levels and fields so that we could obtain the fullest possible picture of the topic,” emphasizes the study leader Professor Dr. Sascha L. Schmidt, Head of the Center for Sports and Management at the WHU Otto Beisheim School of Management. “As part of the Einhell Delphi study, the experts each offered their own assessment, but at the same time they could also see their own views in the context of what other participants were saying, which gave them the opportunity to adjust their point of view where necessary. As a result, a certain consensus started to form over time.”

“As a leading manufacturer of DIY and garden tools, it is really exciting for us to have a look at the future of the home. The world is currently changing at an incredible rate. This makes it more important than ever to stop and take a breath – to see which direction developments might take us in relation to our core market. Not least in order to gage whether we – with our product portfolio – will continue to have our finger on the pulse of future developments and the resulting customer requirements ,” explains Julian Bohry, Head of Marketing at Einhell Germany AG, when talking about the background of the future study.

Five core results, three conceivable scenarios

The world is developing in a non-linear manner, and countless factors can have a varying impact on the development of markets. For this reason, various scenarios are developed in Delphi studies that straddle the conflicting priorities between likelihood of occurrence and social desirability. In relation to “Vision of Home 2030“, the high-ranking panel of experts who took part in Einhell’s future study narrowed down these scenarios to five central findings: “In 2030, the home will be the primary status symbol”; “In 2030, the home will be a place of constant change”; “DIY will be one of the most popular leisure activities in 2030”; “In 2030, men and women will share DIY work equally”; and “The freedom of cordless operation will define the future of DIY and garden tools.”

These findings have been derived from three future scenarios. The most probable scenario describes the home as a place of constant change. According to this view, the previous trend of urbanization will be reversed into an urban exodus: More and more people will move from urban to rural environments, where they will search for personal fulfillment. In addition, people will invest significantly more in modernizing the home they live in, and they will predominantly live in smart homes. In terms of usage of electric tools and garden equipment, they will shift from wired and petrol-powered tools to cordless, battery-operated devices. “This scenario not only has the highest likelihood of happening, but is also the most desirable – not least probably because it goes hand in hand with a significant improvement of quality of living,” explains Professor Dr. Sascha L. Schmidt.

The second scenario describes the home as a place of personal fulfillment, with equality between men and women: On the one hand, in 2030 DIY will be one of the most popular leisure activities, and on the other hand men and women will share DIY work equally. Importantly, the home will become the primary status symbol – people will be keen to show to the world what they have done with their homes using their own hands. According to the third scenario, in 2030 the home will be a place of systematic retreat. This means that people will spend the bulk of their time at home. “This scenario is a result firstly of developments relating to working from home, but is also based on the desire to counter increasing digitalization with more privacy,” explains Professor Dr. Sascha L. Schmidt.

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