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26.09.2018 – 11:36

Einhell Germany AG

With Rechargeable Battery Power into the Future

With Rechargeable Battery Power into the Future
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Power, endurance and durability are the key both for the automotive future in Formula E and for the delivery of power to cordless, battery-powered tools from Einhell. This is why Einhell has announced itself as a Main Partner of BMW i Motorsport at the unveiling of BMW's new Formula E racing car, which marks the entry of BMW into the Formula E racing series. By doing this, the group has paved new ways in communication and has highlighted its claim to be a leading supplier of battery-powered tools and garden equipment for the DIY sector.

Landau, 09-17-2018. With the Power X-Change battery system, Einhell now will be at the side of BMW i Motorsport as a pioneer of future technology in the area of tools, assisting the BMW i Andretti Motorsport team. Formula E sees itself as a global driver of e-mobility. This ties in perfectly with Einhell's battery-powered tools and garden equipment concept - underlining the fact that rechargeable batteries like the Einhell Power X-Change range of universal battery packs are the future here as well.

Innovation and future technologies as pillars of the partnership

The acceptance of battery technology as a source of power is steadily increasing, helping it to step out from the slipstream of fossil fuels and make great advances. While Formula E is enjoying greater popularity than ever before as a racing series, more and more people are becoming fans of petrol-free and cordless power tool alternatives for DIY and garden work. At Einhell, the focus of future product developments for tools all around the home and garden is on the performance and endurance of rechargeable battery technologies.

"We believe that rechargeable batteries will largely replace cables in the home and garden over the next 10 years. This is why we are focusing all our technology and development efforts on this area," explains CEO Andreas Kroiss.

With this vision behind the company, the cooperation with BMW i Motorsport was a logical and strategic next step, and one the group will also use to open up new ways of communication.

"We have really got our finger on the pulse. Automotive manufacturers like BMW face similar challenges as us. All topics relating to the future, to technology and to digitalization come together in Formula E. This makes it the perfect platform for us for continuing our development as a company. In BMW i Motorsport we have found the perfect partner to do this with."

With Power X-Change, one of the most comprehensive and innovative rechargeable battery systems on the DIY market, Einhell has already successfully demonstrated its technology competence in the battery sector. However, the new cooperation with BMW i Motorsport can open up new potential with cross-industry benchmarking.

By taking part in these new developments in the segment of e-mobility, Einhell hopes to profit from the know-how in the area of rechargeable battery technology and to transfer this expertise to the requirements of the tools sector. The BMW i Motorsport team will also be equipped with various cordless tools from the Power X-Change platform. This guarantees cordless freedom and provides simplicity for mechanics in the pit lane. And with no fossil fuels involved at all, the rechargeable battery technology from Einhell also delivers in terms of sustainability. Use of the universal battery pack reduces the number of batteries and chargers that are required, which in turn keeps costs down for the customer and helps protect the environment.

Global integration

The partnership with BMW i Motorsport as part of Formula E will be strategically integrated in the Einhell Group at a global level, so that the fully-electric street racing championship, which involves races all around the world, helps to develop and establish new markets. Among other things, the involvement of Einhell will be launched in Germany, Austria and Switzerland with a TV campaign in 2019. In selected countries there will also be local activities and events all around the Formula E racing series.

About Einhell

Einhell is the leading manufacturer of state-of-the-art tools for home and garden. Thanks to the continuous expansion of our innovative Power X-Change battery platform, we are now already the forerunner in the field of battery-powered tools and garden equipment. Our products set standards in terms of endurance, performance and safety, and we impress our customers with an attractive value-for-money proposition, first-class customer service and cordless freedom for all kinds of DIY projects.

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