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28.09.2006 – 10:36

Opel Automobile GmbH

General Motors continues successful trend in Europe
Rick Wagoner: "73,600 Corsas Already Ordered"

General Motors continues successful trend in Europe / Rick Wagoner: "73,600 Corsas Already Ordered"
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    Paris (ots)

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    When Paris turns into the city of cars and the international specialist press in the French capital applauds the new models, there is a very special reason for the smiles at the General Motors stand. "Today, we are proud to be able to announce that the new Opel Corsa has had the best start ever for a vehicle of this brand," says GM CEO Rick Wagoner, together with his European colleagues. "Even now - a week before the official market launch - 73,600 orders have already been placed. This is an excellent beginning which shows that pursuing a strategy of innovative features and fresh design pays off right from the start. It is a big step in the right direction for the Opel/Vauxhall brands - a step that demonstrates how a brand can get back into the fast lane with the right product at the right time."

    Carl-Peter Forster, President, General Motors Europe, sees the decision to create unique three and five-door models as one of the main reasons for the Corsa's success. "We address different customer groups with two distinctively different cars. As our sales organization in Europe has discovered, the showrooms are now attracting much younger customers than before. This means that we are successfully reaching new target groups with the Corsa - which is important for the development of the Opel brand and its rejuvenation."

    Since the Corsa's successful premiere in London, when it was flown in by helicopter, there has been a very positive response to this new product. Under the motto 'C'mon', Opel/Vauxhall are targeting young customers in cooperation with MTV through European music television.

    GM CEO Rick Wagoner also shared his enthusiasm for the rear carrier "Flex-Fix", a world exclusive product innovation and one of the technological highlights of the new Corsa. The unbeatably practical transport system is designed to carry up to two bicycles and can be easily pulled out of the rear bumper like a drawer when needed. Wagoner says, "The response we have already received shows how much buyers value such innovations. With Flex-Fix, we are not just the first automaker in the world to put such a clever carrier system on the market, but we also show how much we encourage groundbreaking developments at GM. We want to make this innovation available in other segments, of course ( the next model to boast this feature is the new Antara, which makes its premiere here at the Paris Motor Show."


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