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Merger of AGROBASE-Logigram
LEXAGRI and acquisition of majority stake by WEKA group in the new entity

Denis/Kissing (ots)

LEXAGRI (Gémenos - FR), a division of CMT SAS, a French subsidiary of WEKA group, merged on 3 September 2019 with AGROBASE-Logigram SAS (Saint-Julien-en-Genevois - FR), while WEKA group took over a majority stake in this new entity which will retain the name of LEXAGRI.

With this operation, WEKA Group strengthens its positions in the management and distribution of marketing and regulatory databases dedicated to plant production and crop protection.

LEXAGRI collects and harmonizes in France the data from the industrialists, gathered in particular within the UIPP (Union of Plant Protection Industries). These data are then made available to players of the digital agricultural ecosystem: producers, logisticians, distributors, equipment manufacturers, software publishers and farmers.

AGROBASE-Logigram has developed Homologa®, a harmonized and standardized database of agricultural regulatory data, collected locally in more than 70 countries. The company is also the partner of the largest international players in the development of database for marketing usage.

This merger offers to international players in the agricultural sector, an international reference database dedicated to phytosanitary products by providing all the information needed to enhance the performance, quality, safety and traceability of agricultural production.

Mr. Fritz Schuster, founder of AGROBASE-Logigram, becomes General Manager of the new entity and minority shareholder, assisted by Mr. Denis Lariviere, Lexagri's historical founder as Deputy Director. Mr. Schuster will report to Mr. Robin DUALE, current President of WEKA Group's French activities.

"The agricultural world needs a complete and up-to-date reference system to support its digital transformation. In a context of digitalization and globalization of agriculture, it is important for an independent actor, such as WEKA group, to offer all the players in the sector appropriate digital solutions. I am delighted that this operation will allow WEKA group to become an active player in the international Agrotech ecosystem", said Robin DUALE.

Fritz Schuster, "I found in the WEKA group the ideal partner to enhance the international development of my company. Because of its independence and the privileged relationships Lexagri has with all the players in the sector, I anticipate a strong growth of activity in the coming years. Our marketing and regulatory databases will quickly be enriched with new inputs such as seeds or fertilizers and we have with Phytoscan a mobile reference application to simplify and facilitate the registration of the use of products in the fields and the traceability of productions. "

About WEKA Holding GmbH

In 1973, Werner and Karin Mützel founded "WEKA Fachverlag für Verwaltung und Industrie" (WEKA - Publishing House specialized in Administration and Industry) near Augsburg (Germany).

The company has grown to become one of the most important media group in Germany, specialized in publishing, digital services and professional training. Today, the WEKA Group comprises 25 companies in four European countries. It generates a turnover of 250 million EURO, employs 1,500 people (2018) and is still privately owned.

In France

Beyond this new operation, WEKA group has developed its service offering around 5 other operational companies, chaired by Mr. Robin DUALE:

- Editions WEKA: Company specialized in the legal and regulatory information market as well as job offers for public servants. Editions WEKA also offers several communication and information media, open to private actors wishing to promote their know-how to the target audience

- Editions TI: Company specialized on the market of the technical and Scientific information, intended for the industry and the education. Editions TI has developed the largest online and French-language documentary database for engineers, engineering students, research centers and design offices.

- Editions TISSOT: Company specialized in the legal and regulatory information market in the fields of social and occupational health and safety law for employers, staff representatives and accountants. Editions TISSOT is a leader in the social information market for construction and develops digital solutions for managing HR procedures.

- CMT: Company specializing in the market for technical and regulatory information processing in the chemical industry. CMT is a market leader in hosting, collection and control solutions of Safety Data Sheets (SDS)

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