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17.12.2020 – 09:30

Ottobock SE & Co. KGaA

Clean air for schools and nurseries - Duderstadt businesses fight corona

Clean air for schools and nurseries - Duderstadt businesses fight corona
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Solidarity in Eichsfeld and the district of Göttingen

Clean air for schools and nurseries - Duderstadt businesses fight corona

Actions speak louder than words: numerous companies and institutions in Duderstadt recently joined forces to provide 36 schools and nurseries with 162 professional air purifiers, costing a total of EUR300,000.

Prompted by a desire to protect the youngest members of our society, Ottobock's owner Hans Georg Näder called on companies based in the region to join him in supplying Duderstadt schools and nurseries with air disinfection machines.

The project started at the end of October, and there was no time to lose. In winter, coronavirus spreads quickly and easily indoors. "Opening windows and letting the cold winter air into classrooms and nurseries really isn't an adequate long-term solution. We owe it to our children and their teachers and carers to do everything we can to ensure their education does not suffer as a result of the difficult situation at present. Especially in times of crisis, we entrepreneurs have to take responsibility for society and step up if people are having to wait too long for government funding," Näder says of the Project.

Fast, joint action to make schools and nurseries safe

First, the Duderstadt2030 business initiative contacted all local schools and nurseries to determine their specific needs. The necessary funding was also organised swiftly, with various companies from the region donating a total of EUR300,000 for the project. The money was used to purchase 162 Calistair C300 air purifiers, which were then delivered immediately to their respective destinations. Across Duderstadt, 36 schools and nurseries can now operate safely, giving the children, teachers and carers the peace of mind they need to focus on education.

"I'm delighted these companies have decided to support children and teenagers here in Duderstadt and its surrounding districts," commented town mayor Thorsten Feike. "In particular, I would like to thank Professor Hans Georg Näder and the following companies: Architekturbüro Schmutzer, Autohaus Goldmann, EUROBAU, E+R Bekleidungshaus, Evergreen Garten & Landschaftsdesign, Herwig Heizung und Sanitär, Sparkasse Duderstadt and Studio1 Kommunikation for their most generous support and for bringing this project to a successful conclusion."

Virtually 100% coronavirus-free after just ten minutes

The Calistair C300 can eliminate virtually 100 per cent of all coronaviruses in a room within ten minutes - and doesn't produce any harmful by-products. Nonetheless, Alain Hachet, CEO for Calistair, adds a word of caution. "Even though the Calistair air purifier is highly effective, it should be seen as an extra piece of the puzzle. According to expert advice, rooms should still be aired on a regular basis and we should all continue to wear face masks." People should also continue taking conventional precautions such as keeping their distance and washing their hands regularly, because SARS-CoV-2 spreads not only by air, but also through contact and surfaces.

Supporting children and education right from the start of the pandemic

Hans Georg Näder's commitment to children and education is nothing new. When the coronavirus pandemic first struck and schools were closed in March and April, he was quick to donate 300 iPads so all students in Duderstadt could benefit from digital education, and not just a select few.

The Näder family's reputation for helping underprivileged children - not just in times of crisis - has spread far and wide over the years, including beyond the region. One prominent example is the Tabaluga House project that Professor Hans Georg Näder initiated together with musician Peter Maffay many years ago. The Tabaluga House in Duderstadt is a haven for underprivileged children, offering them the individual help and support they so desperately need.

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