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04.04.2019 – 15:55

OMV Aktiengesellschaft

EANS-Public Payment: OMV Aktiengesellschaft
Report on payment to government agencies according to art. 128 Stock Exchange Act

  Public Payment transmitted by euro adhoc with the aim of a Europe-wide
  distribution. The issuer is responsible for the content of this announcement.

Consolidated Report on the Payments Made to Governments

Section 267c of the Austrian Commercial Code

Section 267c of the Austrian Commercial Code (UGB) requires that large
undertakings and public interest entities that are active in the extractive
industry or logging of primary forests prepare the following consolidated report
on payments to governments. This section implements Chapter 10 of EU Accounting
Directive (2013/34/EU). The "Basis of preparation" paragraph provides
information to the reader about the contents of the report. This also includes
information on the type of payment for which disclosure is required and how OMV
has implemented the regulations in the preparation of the report.

Basis of preparation

Reporting entities
Under the requirements of the regulation, OMV Aktiengesellschaft is required to
prepare a consolidated report covering payments made to governments for each
financial year in relation to extractive activities by itself and any subsidiary
undertakings included in the consolidated Group financial statements.

Activities within the scope of the report
Payments made by the OMV Group (hereafter OMV) to governments that arose from
exploration, prospection, discovery, development and extraction of minerals,
oils and natural gas deposits or other materials within extractive activities
are presented in this report.

A "government" is defined as any national, regional or local authority of a
country and includes a department agency or entity undertaking that is
controlled by the government authority and includes national oil companies.

In cases where a state-owned entity engages in activities outside of its
designated home jurisdiction, then it is not deemed to be a reportable
governmental body for these purposes and thus payments made to such an entity in
these circumstances are not reportable.

Project Definition
The regulation also requires payments to be reported on a "project" basis as
well as on a government and governmental body basis. A project is defined as the
operational activities that are governed by a single contract, license, lease,
concession or similar legal agreement and form the basis for payment liabilities
to the government. Where these agreements as per the aforementioned definition
are substantially interconnected, these agreements are treated for the purpose
of these regulations as a single project.

"Substantially interconnected" is defined as a set of operationally and
geographically integrated contracts, licenses, leases or concessions or related
agreements with substantially similar terms that are signed with a government,
giving rise to payment liabilities. Such agreements can be governed by a single
contract, joint venture agreement, production sharing agreement or other
overarching legal agreement.

There may be instances - for example, corporate income taxes, where it is not
possible to attribute the payment to a single project and therefore these
payments are shown at the country level.

Cash and payments in kind
In accordance with the regulation, payments have to be reported on a cash basis.
This means that they are reported in the period in which they are paid and not
in the period in which they are accounted for on an accruals basis.

Refunds are also reported in the period in which they are received and will
either be offset against payments made in the period or be shown as negative
amounts in the report.

Payments in kind made to a government are converted to an equivalent cash value
based on the most appropriate and relevant valuation method for each payment
type. This can be at cost or market value and an explanation is provided in the
report to help explain the valuation method. Where applicable, the related
volumes are also included in the report.

Payment reporting methodology
The regulations require that payments are to be reported where they are made to
governments by OMV. It is required that the report reflect the substance of each
transaction and activity. Based on these requirements, OMV has considered its
reporting obligation as:

- Where OMV makes a payment directly to the government, these payments will be
reported in full, irrespective of whether this is made in the sole capacity of
OMV or in OMV's capacity as the operator of a joint operation.

- In cases where OMV is a member of a joint operation for which the operator is
a state-owned entity (i.e. a government), payments made to that state-owned
entity will be disclosed where it is possible to identify the reportable payment
from other cost recovery items.

- For host government production entitlements, the terms of the agreement have
to be considered; for the purpose of reporting in this report, OMV will disclose
host government entitlements in their entirety where it is the operator.

Payments made as a single payment or a series of related payments that are below
EUR 100,000 within a financial year are excluded from this report.

Reporting currency
Payments made in currencies other than euros are translated for the purposes of
this report at the average rate of the reporting period.

Payment types disclosed

Production entitlements
Under production sharing agreements (PSAs), the host government is entitled to a
share of the oil and gas produced and these entitlements are often paid in kind.
The report will show both the value and volume of the government's production
entitlement for the relevant period in barrels of oil equivalent (boe).

The government share of any production entitlement will also include any
entitlements arising from an interest held by a state-owned entity as an
investor in projects within its sovereign jurisdiction. Production entitlements
arising from activities or interests outside of a state-owned entity's sovereign
jurisdiction are excluded.

Taxes levied on income, production or profits of companies are reported. Refunds
will be netted against payments and shown accordingly. Consumption taxes,
personal income taxes, sales taxes, property taxes and environmental taxes are
not reported under the regulations. Although there is a tax group in place, the
reported corporate income taxes for Austria relate entirely to the extractive
activities in Austria of OMV's subsidiaries, with no amounts being reported
relating to OMV's non-extractive activities in Austria.

Royalties relating to the extraction of oil, gas and minerals paid to a
government are to be disclosed. Where royalties are paid in kind, the value and
volume are reported.

In accordance with the regulations, dividends are reported when paid to a
government in lieu of production entitlements or royalties. Dividends that are
paid to a government as an ordinary shareholder are not reported, as long as the
dividends are paid on the same terms as that of other shareholders.

For the year that ended December 31, 2018, OMV had no such reportable dividend
payments to a government.

Bonuses include signature, discovery and production bonuses in each case to the
extent paid in relation to the relevant activities.

These include license fees, rental fees, entry fees and all other payments that
are paid in consideration for access to the area where extractive activities are

The report excludes fees paid to a government that are not specifically related
to extractive activities or access to extractive resources. In addition payments
paid in return for services provided by a government are also excluded.

Infrastructure improvements
The report includes payments made by OMV for infrastructural improvements, such
as the building of a road or bridge that serves the community, irrespective of
whether OMV pays the amounts to non-government entities. These are reported in
the period during which the infrastructure is made available for use by the
local community.

Payments overview

The overview table below shows the relevant payments to governments that were
made by OMV in the year that ended December 31, 2018.

Of the seven payment types that are required by the Austrian regulations to be
reported upon, OMV did not pay any dividends, bonuses or infrastructure
improvements that met the defined accounting directive definition and therefore
these categories are not shown.

In EUR 1,000   Production       Taxes       Royalties      Fees        Total

                                24,033        75,726                  99,759
Kazakhstan                      24,848                      781       25,629
Madagascar                                                  414         414
Norway                         127,898                     5,911      133,809
New Zealand                     27,619        33,490        471       61,580
Pakistan                        1,923         1,777         633        4,333
Romania                        178,477       162,918      19,684      361,079
Tunisia                         17,981        7,361                   25,342
United Arab                                   12,567     1,271,015   1,283,582
Yemen            50,946                       4,836                   55,782
Total            50,946        402,779       298,675     1,298,909   2,051,309

No payments have been reported for Libya for the year 2018 as OMV was not the

On April 29, 2018, OMV signed a concession agreement for the acquisition of a
20% stake in two oil fields in Abu Dhabi from ADNOC. The concession area
consists of two offshore fields under development, Umm Lulu and Satah Al Razboot
(SARB),as well as two satellite fields, Bin Nasher and Al Bateel. The agreed
participation fee amounted to USD 1.5 bn.

On June 28, 2018, OMV closed the sale of its Upstream companies active in
Pakistan and material payments made in 2018 prior to this date have been

On November 30, 2017, OMV acquired a stake of 24.99% in OJSC Severneftegazprom
(SNGP). As SNGP is an associated company and therefore accounted for using the
equity method in OMV Group Consolidated Financial Statements it does not meet
the definition of a reporting entity in the context of the Austrian Commercial

Payments by Country

Payments by
In EUR 1,000   Production      Taxes      Royalties       Fees         Total


Ministry for
Digital and
Economic                                    75,726                    75,726
Ministry of                   24,033                                  24,033
Total                         24,033        75,726                    99,759

Lower Austria                 24,033        75,726                    99,759
Total                         24,033        75,726                    99,759


State Revenue                 24,848                      214         25,062
centers                                                   567*          567
Total                         24,848                      781         25,629

Tasbulat                       9,926                      533         10,459
Komsomolskoe                  14,922                      248         15,170
Total                         24,848                      781         25,629

* Financing of various expenses with regard to university training centers as
agreed within the concession Agreement

Payments by
In EUR 1,000       Production       Taxes    Royalties         Fees        Total


Office des Mines
Nationales et                                                   414          414
des Industries
Total                                                           414          414

Explorations                                                    414          414
Total                                                           414          414


Oljedirektoratet                                              5,834        5,834
Skatteetaten                      127,898                        77      127,975
Total                             127,898                     5,911      133,809

Gulfaks                                51                                     51
Gudrun                                 51                                     51
Exploration                                                   5,905        5,905
Payments not
attributable to                   127,796                         6      127,802
Total                             127,898                     5,911      133,809

Payments by country
In EUR 1,000
                                   Production   Taxes   Royalties Fees   Total

New Zealand

Crown Minerals                                          33,490           33,490
Inland Revenue                                  27,456                   27,456
Ministry of Business and                        163               129    292
Environmental Protection Authority                                231    231
Maritime Safety Authority                                         111    111
Total                                           27,619  33,490    471    61,580

Maari                                           10      6,770     289    7,069
Maui                                            2       1,926            1,928
Pohokura                                        689     24,794           25,483
New Zealand exploration projects                152               182    334
Payments not attributable to                    26,766                   26,766
Total                                           27,619  33,490    471    61,580


Federal Board of Revenue
of Pakistan                                     1,923                    1,923
Director General of Petroleum                           1,777     372    2,149
Local Government, District Sukker                                 261    261
Total                                           1,923   1,777     633    4,333

Mehar                                                   432       204    636
Miano                                                   258       326    584
Sawan                                                   1,087     64     1,151
Pakistan exploration projects                                     39     39
Payments not attributable to                    1,923                    1,923
Total                                           1,923   1,777     633    4,333


State budget                                    178,477 162,918          341,395
Local councils                                                    4,840  4,840
National Agency for Mineral                                       566    566
Resources (ANRM)
National Company of Forests                                       13,425 13,425
CONPET SA                                                         106    106
National Authority for Electricity
(ANRE)                                                            569    569
Offshore Operations Regulatory
(ACROPO)                                                          178    178
Total                                           178,477 162,918   19,684 361,079

Onshore production zones                                123,809   18,901 142,710
Onshore Joint Ventures                                  1,233     10     1,243
Offshore Black Sea                                      37,876    217    38,093
Payments not attributable to                    178,477           556    179,033
Total                                           178,477 162,918   19,684 361,079

Payments by country
In EUR 1,000
                                  Production   Taxes  Royalties Fees Total


Receveur des Finances                          16,418                16,418
Receveur des Douanes                           1,563                 1,563
Entreprise Tunisienne d'Activités                     6,848 *        6,848
Tresorerie Generale de Tunisie                        513            513
Total                                          17,981 7,361          25,342

TPS                                            11,299                11,299
South Tunisia                                  6,682  7,3611         14,043
Total                                          17,981 7,361          25,342

* Includes payments in kind for 112,781 bbl of crude oil valued using the
average monthly price per boe

In Tunisia where OMV is not the operator, its proportional contribution to the
host government's royalties for 2018 would have been EUR 6.42 mn for 113,890 bbl
of crude oil valued using the average monthly price per boe.

Payments by country
In EUR 1,000
                                Production   Taxes Royalties Fees      Total

United Arab Emirates

Abu Dhabi National Oil Company                               905       905
Emirate of Abu Dhabi - Finance                     12,567    1,270,110 1,282,677
Total                                              12,567    1,271,015 1,283,582

Umm Lulu and SARB                                  12,567    1,271,015 1,283,582
Total                                              12,567    1,271,015 1,283,582


Ministry of Oil & Minerals      50,946 *           4,836 **            55,782
Total                           50,946             4,836               55,782

Block S2                        50,946 *           4,836 **            55,782
Total                           50,946             4,836               55,782

* Payments in kind for 882,342 boe valued at prices set by the Yemen Crude Oil
Marketing Directorate
** Payments in kind for 83,738 boe valued at prices set by the Yemen Crude Oil
Marketing Directorate

Vienna, March 13, 2019

The Executive Board
Rainer Seele m.p.
Johann Pleininger m.p.
Reinhard Florey m.p.
Manfred Leitner m.p.

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