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26.08.2014 – 08:01

Rosenbauer International AG

EANS-News: Rosenbauer International AG
Rosenbauer posts biggest-ever first-half-year sales

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6-month report/Half-year Financial Report 2014

Rosenbauer posts biggest-ever first-half-year sales
Steady revenue growth of 5%, to EUR 354.3 million
EBIT up 19% to EUR 20.0 million
Order trend still on the rise

KEY CORPORATE FIGURES                                 1-6/2014  1-6/2013 in %

Revenues                            in EUR million      354.3   338.5   + 5%
EBIT                                in EUR million      20.0    16.8    + 19%
EBT                                 in EUR million      19.6    17.1    + 15%
Net profit for the period           in EUR million      15.4    11.7    + 32%
Cash flow from operating activities in EUR million     (85.9)  (15.5)  
Total assets                        in EUR million      525.8   474.3   + 11%
Equity in % of total assets                              36.2%  35.7%   + 1%
Investments                         in EUR million       4.8    11.3    + 31%
Earnings per share                  EUR                 1.7     1.4     + 21%
Employees as at June 30                                   2,761 2,504   + 10%
Order intake                        in EUR million      438.1   420.4   + 4%
Order backlog as at June 30         in EUR million      731.8   682.5   + 7%

The markets for the fire-equipment industry are characterized once again by
widely differing challenges in 2014. Overall, 2014 is not expected to bring any
marked improvement, although indications of an upturn are starting to make
themselves felt in certain markets. After several years of contraction, the
world's biggest single market - the USA - is showing the first signs of a return
to growth. The European fire-equipment market is nowhere near as homogeneous as
the market in the United States, and so the picture differs depending on which
country one looks at. The highly industrialized markets appear to have put the
downturn behind them, and economic recovery is now in sight. For this reason,
public-sector procurement behavior is expected to stabilize, thanks both to
economic recovery and to a resumption of capital investments which had been
deferred due to austerity policies.

In the first half of 2014, the Rosenbauer Group boosted revenues by 5% to EUR
354.3 million (1-6/2013: EUR 338.5 million). Another difference from the first
half of 2013 was that the revenues of Rosenbauer Saudi Arabia and the newly
acquired company Rosenbauer UK were included in the consolidated financial
statements for the first time. The first six months of the year saw increased
shipments in Germany, as well as from Spain and the USA to fulfill the major
order from Saudi Arabia. Rosenbauer Motors was also successful in lifting
revenues, with the new "Commander" US chassis and the chassis for the PANTHER
aircraft rescue fire fighting vehicle.

At EUR 20.0 million, EBIT came in 19% higher than last year (1-6/2013: EUR 16.8
million). This increase is largely due to better earnings in the US segment, and
to the improved result of the German segment. In the first half of the year, the
EBIT margin of 5.6% (1-6/2013: 5.0%) was still below the long-term target value
of over 7% - primarily as a result of the relocation of the PANTHER and AT
vehicle production lines to the new Plant II, which is reflected in slightly
lower EBIT in the Austrian segment.

The "Finance cost" deteriorated year-on-year to EUR -1.3 million (1-6/2013: EUR
-1.1 million) owing to the higher financing needs, while the result of joint
ventures fell to EUR 0.9 million (1-6/2013: EUR 1.4 million) due to reduced
earnings from the joint venture in Russia. EBT for the first half of the year
came to EUR 19.6 million (1-6/2013: EUR 17.1 million).

Although market conditions throughout the world are still subdued, the
Rosenbauer Group once again posted record figures for order intake and
order-book levels. The volume of new orders taken in the first half of the year
reached a record EUR 438.1 million, well above the level of recent years. This
is due in part to a follow-up order from Saudi Arabia. The reserve of unfilled
orders at June 30, 2014 amounted to EUR 731.8 million, 7% above last year's
figure (June 30, 2013: EUR 628.5 million). This gives the Rosenbauer Group
assured capacity utilization at all its manufacturing facilities, and a fairly
clear view ahead for the next few months.

Financial position and asset situation
For industry-specific reasons, the balance-sheet structure during the financial
year is typified by a high level of working capital. This results from the
turnaround times, lasting several months, for the vehicle contracts currently
under manufacture. Moreover, the increase in the balance-sheet total to EUR
525.8 million (June 30, 2013: EUR 474.3 million) is attributable to the high
production volumes and to the increase in fixed assets.
Due to the high volume of shipments planned for the current year, inventories
rose to EUR 187.3 million (June 30, 2013: EUR 184.7 million) and the production
contracts to EUR 82.7 million (June 30, 2013: EUR 65.8 million). Receivables
also reached a new high, of EUR 133.7 million (June 30, 2013: EUR 123.0
million), due to increased deliveries made shortly before the end of the
Due to the continued increase in working capital - especially in the form of
production contracts and trade receivables - the cash flow from operating
activities deteriorated during the financial year to EUR -85.9 million
(1-6/2013: EUR -15.5 million). The cash flow from operating activities may be
expected to improve by the year-end.

Capital investment outlays in this reporting period came to EUR 14.8 million
(1-6/2013: EUR 11.3 million). To support fulfillment of the Group's medium-range
strategy and to tackle the high volume of orders, a program of capacity
enlargements is being carried out, mainly at its locations in Austria and
Germany, entailing an investment volume of over EUR 20 million during the
current financial year.

In addition, it is intended to purchase the premises of Plant II Leonding (which
are currently being leased) from their existing owner at the end of 2014. The
purchase option has already been exercised, and the purchase negotiations are
likely to be concluded in the second half of the financial year. The investment
total for 2014 as a whole will thus once again be at a high level, of over EUR
40 million.

Based on the overall economic outlook and the prospects for the fire-equipment
sector, and on the particular growth prospects for the markets in which
Rosenbauer is active, it should be possible for Rosenbauer to sustain the trend
of previous years. In view of the healthy state of order books, the favorable
outlook for project business and the enlarged production capacity, and thanks to
the sales organization's ability to cater to the market's widely differing
needs, Management's expectation for the current financial year is for revenues
that are at the same high level as last year's.

However, the substantial investments being made in the future, the costs of
installing the two new production lines at Plant II Leonding, and the still
fierce price competition on the market, will all weigh on earnings. The
additions to production space, and an optimization program launched in the main
production zones in 2012, will counter this margin trend. Management is aiming
for an improvement upon the EBIT margin of 5.7% attained in 2013.

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